FKgroup, a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced fabric cutting and spreading systems, takes part in JEC World 2024 in Paris with a stand dedicated to excellence in the cutting room.

The company, present globally and with a large network of over 500 employees and collaborators and more than 10,000 spreaders, cutting systems and sophisticated CAD software, has over 60 years of history.

Established in 1961, FKgroup swiftly ascended to a prominent position, solidifying its reputation as a premier technological partner for companies across the aerospace, automotive, nautical, and various other sectors.

Since its inception, FKgroup has remained steadfast in its mission to elevate cutting rooms. This commitment extends beyond enhancing the company’s perspective, ensuring exceptional performance, to prioritizing the well-being of workers. The products offered by FKgroup are designed with a focus on both quality and safety within the working environment.

What sets FKgroup apart is its dedication to delivering a tailored, state-of-the-art service that encompasses every facet of collaboration — from initial design to seamless assembly and ongoing customer support. This holistic approach underscores FKgroup’s commitment to providing clients with cutting-edge technology specifically tailored to their unique requirements, a commitment that will be showcased at JEC World 2024.

By fostering relationships that transcend mere commerce, FKgroup is not only shaping an efficient present but also contributing to a sustainable future. This forward-thinking approach underscores the company’s role in building lasting connections and driving innovation in the realm of cutting room technology.

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Opening days and times
For visitors: 5-6 March 2024, 9 am – 6 pm / 7 March 2024, 9 am – 5 pm
For exhibitors: 3-8 March 2024, 8 am – 7 pm

Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
ZAC Paris Nord 293420 Villepinte

JEC World 2024: the reference event for every company operating in the composites sector

JEC World 2024 is the global exhibition dedicated to composite materials and their applications.

Held in Paris, this prestigious event reigns supreme as the leading international show within the sector, uniting key players in an atmosphere charged with innovation, business prospects, and networking opportunities.

The recent editions of JEC World have demonstrated remarkable success. In 2023 alone, the event attracted over 40,200 professional visits, featured more than 1,200 exhibitors, represented 106 countries, and facilitated over 7,100 business meetings organized by JEC, all within an expansive 72,700 square meters of exhibition space across 26 halls.

Continuing its trajectory, JEC World 2024 aspires to set the standard for major players in the composite materials market and influential decision-makers across the entire value chain, spanning from raw material suppliers to end users and manufacturers of composite materials.

Participating in JEC World 2024 provides a unique opportunity to delve into the expanding applications of composite materials across various sectors, including space, architecture, and shipbuilding. Attendees can anticipate gaining valuable insights into the latest innovations and emerging trends within the dynamic realm of composite materials during this unparalleled event.

FKgroup, excellence in cutting composite materials

The rising use of composite materials, showcased at events like JEC World 2024, emphasizes their crucial role in cutting-edge industries, especially in aeronautics, automotive, and naval sectors. These materials, known for their lightness, strength, stability, and easy processing, excel when combined with advanced cutting and spreading technology, ensuring optimal results for business productivity and material performance.

Companies globally are increasingly turning to FKgroup for its cutting-edge technologies in industrial cutting of composite materials and technical textiles. FKgroup’s versatile cutting and positioning systems adapt to various sectors and needs.

What distinguishes FKgroup is its customer-centric approach, understanding the unique needs of each company and translating them into tailor-made solutions for cutting carbon and fiberglass fabrics, core materials, Kevlar, and aramid fibers.

FKgroup goes beyond, providing state-of-the-art solutions,  as will be showcased at JEC World 2024.

It focuses on building lasting relationships, contributing to a technological, efficient, and sustainable future.

Choosing FKgroup means aligning with a partner dedicated to advancing operational excellence and contributing to an environmentally conscious industrial landscape.

FKgroup at JEC World 2024

You can find the FKgroup stand here:
Hall 5 Booth G31
JEC World 2024

Italian and foreign agents will be present at the FKgroup stand, which will cover an area of over 130 square metres. During the event, they will illustrate the operation, capabilities and advantages of our innovative cutting systems dedicated to composite materials.


The Stand

At the FKgroup stand at JEC World 2024 there will be an up and running cutting line for composite materials, available for technical tests, that will include:

Fk Tecno Freccia Cutting System


The automatic conveyor cutting system for lays up to 2.5 cm is the ideal solution for a range of production needs, from prototyping to large-scale production, also in the cutting of pre-preg materials, dry fibres and for precision processing.

Fitted with an incorporated Non-Stop Cutting system, it guarantees continuity in the cutting phase. It also adapts to a wide range of production needs thanks to its flexibility, an important feature if you need to cut different materials with different thicknesses and strengths for all applications in the world of composites.


This Augmented Reality Camera from FKgroup at JEC World 2024 offers a complete solution to facilitate the cutting of panels, stripes and checks, including lays, by incorporating CAD + CAM + NESTING + CAM technologies.

This camera is supported by DASforCut software, which enables the generation of internal contours, notches and other reference points for high quality and precision cutting. With this system it is possible to reduce the time spent on cutting by up to 70% compared to traditional positioning methods, while guaranteeing maximum precision and high quality results.

Experience a virtual journey in the FKgroup Metaverse: explore the Future of Innovation at JEC 2024

A lunar journey at JEC 2024

Experience a unique journey at our booth: put on the headset and be transported into a mesmerizing lunar environment, with breathtaking views of Earth and space. At the heart of this virtual world, stands the FKgroup headquarters, a fully explorable place where history and future meet.

Within this surreal setting, you will discover our two new flagship machines: Iron 30 and Iron Heavy. These machines, faithfully recreated in 3D, can be closely examined in action, offering you a preview of their capabilities.

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At JEC World 2024, attendees will have the opportunity to witness the new IRON 30 cutting machine. With its exceptionally robust mechanics, this machine is capable of delivering outstanding results, even with intricate cuts and high-strength fabrics, and it operates seamlessly 24/7.


The complete CAD software package, called CAD Bundle 4, allows import of 3D objects, creation of 2D figures and DXF import/export from the most commonly used CAD systems. It includes a predefined nesting system with autonesting option.

Fk Tecno Biliardo Cutting System


Fixed table machine with unmatched performance levels, ideal for cutting composite materials and technical textiles. With a limited initial investment and extreme ease of use, it meets the needs of R&D and prototype production departments of small and medium-sized companies.

FKgroup, cutting-edge industrial group that offers complete solutions for the entire production process in the textile, clothing, technical textiles and composite materials sector, invites you to JEC World 2024 to find out all about the future of composite materials.

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