The New Star of the Cutting Room

IRON 30, the new product from Fkgroup that revolutionises industrial cutting. Suitable for a wide range of materials, from those used for clothing to the most complex ones like those used for aerospace purposes, composite fibres and more, IRON 30 is the perfect fusion of quality and innovation. With incomparable strength and 24/7 operating capacity, IRON 30 is the unrivalled leader in the cutting machines sector, offering a unique combination of power and precision.


FKgroup continues to demonstrate its commitment to customisation, the protection of workers and environmental sustainability. The IRON 30 machines guarantee excellent environmental performance and full respect for operators’ well-being, thanks to their reduced-noise, efficient filtering systems and low heat production. Compliant with the highest international standards, FKgroup offers solutions certified by TÜV SÜD Italia and complying with the MEP – Machine Energy Protocol, demonstrating a tangible commitment to energy saving and reduced CO2 emissions.

With its cutting head for compressed 3 cm lays, IRON 30 exceeds expectations in terms of thickness and strength, guaranteeing reliable performance even in the most difficult conditions. It is available with different working widths and cutting windows for greater operational flexibility, allowing it to handle different sized materials. The choice of either a SIEMENS or FANUC system allows the machine to be adapted to customers’ specific requirements. The continuous cutting software optimises efficiency and accuracy, while IP66 protection ensures operational safety and protection against static electricity.

Specifications and features:

  • Continuous Cutting Software: optimises cutting efficiency and precision.

  • ARC System Compatibility: supports use with a 32-inch high definition monitor and C-ORIGIN vision system.

  • Double 5.5 kW or 11 kW turbines.

An Ally in Cutting Composite Materials

Designed to tackle even the most complex materials such as fibreglass, carbon and Kevlar, IRON 30 is the ideal ally when cutting composite materials. Its versatility and robustness make it perfect for demanding production environments. This machine can be supplied with a special plate to manage the fixed, non-oscillating blade as well as with robust IP66 protection to ensure operational safety and prevent static electricity problems.

Precise and Fine Cutting for the Clothing Sector

IRON 30 handles the most delicate and/or synthetic fabrics with care and precision. The incorporation of advanced cooling systems, such as air circulation and the Vortex system, ensures optimal blade temperature, safeguarding the quality of the materials.

Technical data

N° 2 TURBINES OF 5,5 kW OR 11 kW

Working Area (cm) 180 x 180 200 x 180 220 x 180 250 x 180 320 x 180 180 x 240 200 x 240    
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 480 x 284 x 214 480 x 304 x 214 480 x 324 x 214 480 x 354 x 214 480 x 424 x 214 526 x 284 X 214 526 x 304 x 214    
Weight (Kg) 2300 2450 2750 2850 3290 2850 2950    
Installed Power (kW) 14  
Average Consumption (kW) 4,9 4,9 6 6 7 7 7    
Power supply Tension 400V±10%
Max compressed lay height (cm) approx. 3 cm, depending on the technical characteristics of the material


N° 1 TURBINA DA 11 kW (tavolo di scarico senza sbalzo)

Working Area (cm) 180×180 200×180 220 x 180
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 367 x 284 x 214 367 x 304 x 214 367 x 324 x 214
Weight (Kg) 2200 2350 2650
Installed Power (kW) 14
Average Consumption (kW) 4,9 4,9 6
Power supply Tension 400V±10%
Max compressed lay height (cm) approx. 3 cm, depending on the technical characteristics of the material

Other cutting windows are available subject to technical feasibility check. With the aim of improving its machinery FKgroup reserve the right to change the technical characteristics without prior notice..