FKgroup Cutting Machines

Technology, customisation and innovation are the features of the cutting systems offered by FKgroup for the cutting room.

The cutting systems offered by FKgroup are designed to give our customers the most high-performance technologies and innovative solutions.
FKgroup has proven to be not only a supplier, but a reliable and creative partner in the design and customisation of the cutting room.

That’s why our cutting systems are designed ad hoc to adapt to any requirement, production and size our customers desire.

Improved electronics = outstanding performance

FKgroup cutting systems are designed to offer the best quality on the market, owing also to their FANUC and SIEMENS components. FKgroup cutting machines are equipped with FANUC or SIEMENS electronics, depending on the application and performance.

FANUC is a multinational Japanese mechatronics company which integrates mechanics electronics and information technology.
A market leader, it develops products to automate production systems, aiding human labour.

SIEMENS AG is a multinational German electronics and technology company operating since 1847. Today, it produces components and software that meet the highest standards in terms of performance and quality, with digitalisation-proof interfaces.

Made with exceptional components, the cutting systems offered by the group today boast extraordinary performance and incredible resistance to failure.

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The extraordinary performance of the SIEMENS and FANUC electronics prompted the group to support the systems with a drastic improvement of the hardware components.
The combination of components made in Italy with the best electronics on the market has therefore increased the power and performance of FKgroup cutting systems.

These factors, combined with an ever-expanding portfolio of solutions, allows us to offer our customers maximum power in durable, lightweight machines.

The solutions dedicated to
fashion and clothing

The FKgroup solutions for the fashion and clothing sector allow to cut up to 9cm of compressed fabric with little more than 5kW of consumption, guaranteeing advantages from an ecological and energy saving point of view.

The solutions dedicated to
automotive and technical fabrics

For the automotive sector and for the cutting of technical fabrics, FKgroup is now the absolute leader, offering solutions with unparalleled performance and energy savings. The best cutting systems, always.

Environmentally-friendly and health-conscious cutting systems


FKgroup considers the sustainability of its cutting systems to be a fundamental aspect, especially in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Together with our customers, we invest in the research, development and production of solutions in line with the highest environmental values and standards.



FKgroup’s cutting systems are equipped with an automotive-derived two-filter, three-stage filtration system that allows operators to work in a healthy environment, even without the use of personal protection masks. The filters have an efficiency of 99.8%, as certified by ISO 5011.


A service of excellence, in every moment

Buying an FKgroup cutting system means having the best quality on the market, as well as a highly personalised service to its customers which supports them throughout the entire project process, from planning to the company’s stellar after-sales service.