FKgroup Spreading machines

FKgroup produces fabric spreading systems capable of adapting to the needs of every customer, including in industry 4.0

FKgroup fabric spreaders are designed to meet the needs of every customer for all sectors from home textile to clothing and technical fabrics. We offer specific products for every type of requirement (including industry 4.0 companies) capable of spreading fabrics without stressing them, with the possibility of cutting the useful height up to 4 metres and with the ability to work on all types of sizes, pieces and storage.

The group’s solutions are always highly personalised and adaptable to any type of production, requirement and space.

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Fabric spreader: FKgroup solutions

Our proposals are designed to operate in fully automatic mode, but can also operate in analogue and manual mode should the need arise.

FKgroup offers solutions which prioritise quality craftsmanship and the best working processes without ever losing sight of technological innovations which guarantee customer satisfaction.

Feeding cradle

Our feeding cradle fabric spreader model is uniquely designed and is meant to offer multiple feeding options.
These include feeding via tension controller, electronic signal and encoder. It also allows you to opt for a combination of these inputs to suit all your needs and requirements.

This model is suitable for tension-free spreading of all types of fabric and can be equipped with brushless or variable speed motors.

It also allows digital speed adjustment, automatic electronic control of fabric tension and is equipped with selvedge alignment and automatic end-of-fabric stop technology.

The FKgroup feeding cradle

Home Textile Spreader

FKgroup’s models of home textile spreaders are equipped with semi-automatic or automatic working mechanisms and can be used with or without an operator on board. They are available with a usable spreading height of 300 and 320 cm.

They are designed to manage the spreading and the tensioning of the fabric by means of an electronic control panel and are equipped with infrared detectors for selvedge, end-of-fabric and thickness.

They feature a 4-wheel drive motorised transmission and can be customised with many accessories. These include anti-sinking devices with gripper for soft and/or delicate materials, the pneumatic plate for adjusting the width of the roll and many others.

Home Textile Spreading System


This modular system designed for home textile is perfect for spreading fabrics on large pallets, as well as from beam roll

It is a model capable of combining the practicality and efficiency of a classic fabric stretcher with the innovation of the most modern feeding system.

This system is composed of two different parts: on one side there’s an accompanying net with an automatic unwinder for the suspension of the fabric; on the other, a bar or cradle stretcher.

It can be customised with accessories like the GRT System’s integrated floor loader, beam support truck, automatic aligner, digital cutting line positioning and laser pointer, and more.

The GRT System

Industry 4.0 Solutions: UNICONT fabric spreader

FKgroup offers excellent solutions for Industry 4.0 companies interested in computerised drafting up to 100 steps/colours.

The UNICONT machine allows you to organise and program the spreading directly from the CAD office workstation from ISO files, thereby drastically reducing the execution time. What’s more, it generates a comprehensive report that also provides visibility and keeps production costs under control, resulting in less waste. It is also equipped with a fabric waste minimisation system.

Digitally adjustable speed and acceleration allows it to adapt to any type of fabric, enables wireless networking and fully integrated production with ERP and/or WOM systems. It is available in several models capable of guaranteeing a usable laying height between 180 and 220 cm.

Despite its complete automation, the UNICONT fabric stretcher can easily be used in manual mode with continuous data monitoring.


Choosing an FKgroup fabric spreader means choosing the best quality, as well as an unbeatable tailor-made service that goes from design to assembly, up to customer care.

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