The solutions offered by the group are ideal for all types of home textiles, even the heaviest and most resistant ones.

FKgroup responds to the needs of the sector not only by researching and producing cutting systems for home textiles that guarantee exceptional performance, ample possibilities for customisation and reduction of production costs, but also with customised spreading systems.

At FKgroup we design solutions and systems suitable for cutting home textiles.

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Grt spreading system, designed for cutting home textiles

This modular system for spreading fabric on large pallets or from a beam roll is one of the most innovative solutions to meet the main needs of the industry.

Combining the functionality of a traditional spreader with an innovative feeding system, GRT enables the execution of both cut-web and zigzag mattresses.

It’s the perfect solution for those who need a cutting system for home textiles, as this one uses a special accompanying net with an automatic unwinder. The fabric placed on the ground at the beginning of the table is then able to fly over the table and arrive at the point where spreading begins.

GRT boasts a number of unique features which make it the ideal solution for home textile spreading and cutting.
Thanks to the fabric suspension net and the bar/cradle stretcher in particular, a continuous feed flow for mattresses up to 8 metres in length when cut (6 metres in the case of slitting) is guaranteed.
It is also equipped with a double selvedge corrector and an end-of-piece photocell.

Thanks to the bridge that allows cross-cutting of mattresses, it differs from other cutting systems.

For example, it is adaptable to an 8″ vertical blade cutter (if required by the customer) and supports a GRT System integrated floor loader, a beam support truck and even an automatic triangle and beam support truck aligner.


Efficient solutions from FKgroup

FKgroup’s home textile cutting systems and solutions are designed to support the acceleration of work cycles in terms of speed and productivity.

They also guarantee our customers the best performing technologies and most innovative solutions on the market.

This is achieved by using a combination of innovative features, technologies and materials to achieve unprecedented cutting performance and notably low average energy consumption.

Our systems are equipped with technologies such as:

  • Just Cut, an application that makes it possible to easily set and manipulate cutting parameters;
  • Eco Power, the system that allows for proper suction and significant energy savings;
  • Blades with patented high-speed, long-lasting sharpening system;
  • Fast Revolution, which allows considerable adaptability to all types of production and fabrics;
  • Mectronics Blade Sense, for automatic control of blade deflection;
  • Blade lubrication and/or cooling systems also suitable for delicate fabrics and synthetics;
  • No Stop Cutting, a cutting system that allows you to use either Continuous Cutting software, for cutting in feeding, or Quick Release Vacuum, for thick mattresses.
  • And that’s not all – all of our home textile cutting systems are customisable so they can meet the needs of each of our customers in the industry and come with 24/7 FKgroup support.

    In the more than 60 years since it was founded, FKgroup has proved that it is not just a supplier, but a trusted and proactive partner alongside its customers in the design and customisation of the cutting room, including in the field of cutting systems for home textiles.