At FKgroup we offer solutions designed to cut all types of fabrics, even the most delicate and technological ones used in extremely demanding sectors such as aerospace and healthcare.

Our machines are equipped with blade cooling systems, perfect for not damaging synthetic or particularly delicate fabrics, based on:

Air circulation: The arrangement of the upper and lower carpet of the cutting machines manufactured by FKgroup is designed to create a natural vacuum. This generates an air current during use which allows the blade to be ventilated and cooled.

The Vortex system: The cutting machines manufactured by FKgroup are equipped with a technology designed to cool the blade by means of pressurised air vortices. These have a temperature of between -15°C and -20°C and are directed at the blade and allow it to cool.

Cutting with lubricants: This system is based on lubricating the blade with both silicone- and bleach-based products to prevent the blade from overheating, acting on the friction and without damaging even the most perishable fabrics.

At FKgroup we offer cold and cleanroom cutting solutions suitable for the medical sector in controlled and sterile environments.

For every cutting need, even the most delicate ones

Cold cutting is also available in the cleanroom.

In fact, we also offer cutting systems suitable for medical and aerospace fabrics. The cutting process takes place in an environment with a low content of suspended micro dust particles and a controlled atmosphere. Finally, the low temperature can also be ensured by lubricating the blade with bleach and/or other sterile solutions.

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