FKgroup is the leading company in the automotive and transport cutting systems sector and has an important and growing presence not only in the Italian market, but internationally as well.

FKgroup’s automotive cutting systems offer outstanding state-of-the-art performance, extreme reliability, low investment costs, ease of use and low energy consumption.



FKgroup offers automotive cutting systems suitable for processing materials such as PVC, leather and imitation leather and much more.

Automotive 9 and Super-Auto 6, in particular, are the Conveyor cutting systems designed for the automotive industry.

It is a system that can support the acceleration of work cycles in both speed and productivity. Thanks to innovative technologies and materials, they can achieve unprecedented cutting performance, even for large mattresses and hard fabrics.

Fk Automotive Cutting System

In particular, this automotive cutting system is equipped with the ‘mectronics Blade Sense’ technology for automatic blade deflection control and with the management of 5 tools with one cutting head all-together.
The latter allows the insertion of dies (triple drill) for the fast and precise hole punching.

The Just Cut application allows quick and easy setting and manipulation of cutting parameters and, thanks to the Eco Power suction system, guarantees a reduction in energy costs.It also features a patented paraffin lubrication system with soapy water and different types of silicone for the blade and Quick Release vacuum and vortec technology for cooling the blade with a jet of compressed air.

It can be customised by means of an extensive catalogue of accessories.


For carbon cutting, FKgroup offers a range of cutting systems suitable for both the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Tecno Freccia and Tecno Biliardo are the cutting systems dedicated to this material, which is designed to prevent it from overheating and thus prevent loss of aerodynamics as well as to offer reliability, low energy consumption and an ease of use unimaginable before.

Fk Tecno Biliardo Cutting System


Tecno Biliardo meets the highest production requirements and guarantees exceptional cutting quality and extremely fast processing times.

This automotive cutting system is equipped with two cutting plates which, thanks to their rotation, drastically reduce cleaning times. It is also equipped with a wide selection of blades, which are quickly interchangeable thanks to the quick-release plate.

These include: Oscillating blade, Fixed blade, Milling device, Rechargeable pen, Hole puncher and Dies.

And that’s not all: the Tecno Biliardo automotive cutting system is equipped with a table covered with micro-needles, an innovation capable of keeping the material to be cut elevated, allowing better air circulation and reducing energy consumption.

Tecno Biliardo is available in various combinations of working width and length of the cutting window, up to 620 cm.

Installed power
12 kW
Electric supply:
Max. compressed lay heigh
2.5 cm