FKgroup offers state-of-the-art technological solutions for the industrial cutting of composite materials and technical fabrics.

Thanks to their resistance, modelling and lightness, composite materials are now present in many sectors. With that presence comes a need for versatile and flexible cutting machines able to meet the market demand. 

From aviation to defence, construction to apparel, we have unique and high-tech patented solutions.

FKgroup offers vibrating and fixed blade cutting solutions for technical textiles and composite materials, as well as self-cooling cutting tables. The cutting machines are certified for their low-energy performance, are Made in Italy, and include exceptional customer service, wherever you are in the world.

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A range of blades designed to meet every need

FKgroup has a range of blades in specific materials and different shapes capable of responding to all of our customers’ production needs.

For the cutting of composite materials and technical fabrics, we offer the following cutting solutions:

  • Vibrating blade: works by dragging and is suitable for cutting composite materials, such as pre-preg (pre-impregnated composites).
  • Fixed blade: works by oscillation and is used for cutting many types of fabrics, including technical ones, such as carbon, fiberglass or aramid, Kevlar, polyester and alutex.
  • Both blade types and quick release plate: a solution that allows you to quickly switch between cutting types.

FKgroup cutting machines, perfect for cutting all composite materials

  • Aramid fibres
  • Kevlar
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Fibreglass
  • Alutex
  • Pre-preg (pre-impregnated composites)
  • Core Materials

FKgroup solutions

TECNO FRECCIA Eco Power: innovative conveyor cutting system for mattresses up to 2.5 cm. Versatile and precise, with an average energy consumption of 4.9kW

Learn more about Tecno Freccia

TECNO BILIARDO Eco Power: a fixed table cutting machine for composite materials and technical fabrics – even complex ones – with an average energy consumption of 4.9kW

Learn more about Tecno Biliardo

BRUTUS Eco Power: a cutting machine for technical fabrics, workwear, uniforms and protective gear. It has an average energy consumption of 5.6kW

Learn more about Brutus

AUTOMOTIVE 9 Eco Power and SUPER AUTO 6 Eco Power: automatic conveyor cutting system dedicated to the automotive industry with different thicknesses, with an average energy consumption of 5.9kW.

Learn more about Automotive 9 and Super Auto 6

Our solutions are also equipped with the Eco Power system for energy savings. They are equipped with the Non Stop Cutting system to manage the cutting of composite materials during the feeding process (Continuous Cutting Software).

All FKgroup solutions can be customised to suit the needs of every industry and every company, for example, with writing markers and live positioning systems for panels and boards.

FKgroup technology for composite material cutting temperature control

The cutting tables of the FKgroup machines have a unique patented design which guarantees temperature control in the production processes.

For composite material cutting, we offer machines equipped with a support and cutting surface composed of micro needles.

It’s the flagship system of our production which allows:

  • Free-flowing air circulation
  • A complete cut
  • A saving of resources
  • Fast, precise and clean work

Reliability, energy saving and data-driven solutions

Reliability: the machines for cutting composite materials and technical fabrics are equipped with Fanuc or Siemens electronics.  In addition to excellent components, FKgroup manufactures each model in Italy and offers a first-rate customer service, active 24 hours a day throughout the country, with on-site, telephone and web help available.

Case study: Azimut

Energy saving: FKgroup offers certified solutions that focus on air quality. They are designed for energy saving in the cutting room, thanks to an effective filtering system for cutting composite materials. The TÜV-certified double turbine suction system guarantees an average consumption of only 4.9kW/h.

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Data-driven solutions: FKgroup cutting machines are designed to remain at the cutting edge, despite the constant evolution of the production landscape.  That’s why they are designed for data collection. Log files record parameters and allow companies to process them, controlling and programming the production chain.

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