FKgroup cutting systems for the clothing industry allow you to work at impressive production rates, allowing you to cut large quantities of garments while maintaining low energy consumption and maintenance costs.

The systems dedicated to this sector are made up of cutting and spreading machines that meet the needs of a rapidly evolving sector which needs to work in large volumes.

FKgroup also addresses the cutting preparation phase by providing computerised placement and development systems based on CAD/CAM technologies. They can be connected to automatic or integrated clothing cutting systems and guarantee reliability while cutting both costs and production time.

Cutting systems characterised by the reliability, power and speed which meet the needs of the clothing industry.

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Cutting systems for clothing: speed and productivity

FKgroup’s cutting systems for the clothing sector include:

Universal 8 and Universal 9 cutting systems

This automatic Conveyor cutting system was designed to meet the clothing sector’s needs (as well as Industry 4.0) and can be customised with 6, 8 and 9 cm heads to suit all types of production. The working area is available from 180 x 170 up to 220 x 240.

This series boasts an energy consumption that starts at just 5.9KW and, through its Eco Power vacuum system, guarantees significant energy savings. It’s capable of achieving unprecedented cutting performance in speed and productivity.

Universal Cutting System

The long-life sharpening system and blade lubrication/cooling system ensure that maintenance costs are reduced, while production is sped up by the Just Cut programme, which allows cutting parameters to be set and revised quickly and safely.

This series can also be adapted to any type of production, thanks to the No Stop Cutting System, Fast Revolution technology and Mectronics Blade Sense for automatic blade deflection control.


FKgroup’s clothing cutting systems combine exceptional performance with unprecedented strength that can withstand high production rates.

Super Jeans clothing cutting system

Appreciated for its low energy consumption, this clothing cutting system was designed to handle denim.

This is an automatic conveyor system with a head specially developed to meet the cutting requirements of large denim mattresses, but can also adapt to other types of hard fabric.
It is also characterised by various technical features and innovative materials that allow work cycle speed and productivity to be optimised.

These include the equipped Just Cut application, which allows the cutting parameters to be set and modified, and the automatic control of the blade deflection, which is lubricated using a patented system with soapy water or different types of silicone, depending on requirements.

This clothing cutting system is also equipped with Quick Release Vacuum technology, which reduces cutting area feeding time.
The Eco Power suction system allows for significant energy savings.


These are cutting systems with particularly robust and resistant machines, with thrusts of up to 100 kg, designed specifically to meet the needs of the clothing sector.

Spreading, one of the most important steps in cutting clothing fabrics

Just like in clothing cutting systems, spreaders must also meet the specific needs of the sector. In particular, FKgroup offers models that can process materials of up to 500 kg, so as to guarantee the particularly high production rates.

The models on offer most often have a digitally controlled spreading speed and short acceleration and deceleration ramps. They also allow automatic electronic control of the fabric tension and are equipped with brushless and asynchronous variable speed motors.

By allowing mattresses of varying heights, they can be adapted to the needs of individual customers. They are often equipped with infrared technology for selvedge alignment and mattress thickness detection, as well as automatic end-of-fabric stop and web counting, including by colour.

One of the most relevant models for FKgroup’s clothing cutting systems is the Super Jeans automatic cradle stretcher. Equipped with a belt cradle, it can be used manually (via an analogue knob) and automatically (via a digital control panel). Can be used for both straight and reverse spreading with step programming and tension free technology, making it the ideal choice for stretch denim.