Fabric cutting systems for the fashion industry must be able to guarantee the highest performance in terms of quality, speed and precision. Something FKgroup knows all too well. That’s why we design and manufacture cutting systems that deliver exceptional results for the fashion and luxury sector and characterised by niche production.

Designed to ensure the highest standards of quality and customisation, our systems offer high performance in terms of lightness, ease of use and speed, combined with the highest machining precision thanks to ARC technology.

They also lend themselves to cutting all kinds of fabrics to meet the needs of an extremely creative and rapidly evolving sector.

FKgroup’s cutting systems dedicated to the fashion industry combine lightness, speed and precision. They are suitable for cutting all types of fabric, even the most technical ones.

Cutting systems for the fashion industry: FKgroup’s solutions

The cutting systems designed and manufactured by our company are excellence examples of Made in Italy quality. Among the cutting systems produced for the Haute Couture sector are:

Freccia: with an average energy consumption starting at 4.9Kw, this cutting system suitable for the fashion industry is ideal for short-run, high-quality production. As well as being extremely reliable and easy to use, it can be customised to suit different types of production, for example by equipping it with tools for modifying placings (position of figures, notches, and holes).


Biliardo: excellent quality, flexibility and speed. These are the advantages of this cutting system suitable for the fashion sector. Automatic and with a fixed table, it can be equipped with a 2.5 – 6 – 8 cm head and allows energy to be saved; thanks to the intelligent management of the vacuum system, it guarantees an average consumption of 5.6Kw.


The best technology for the highest performance

In addition to cutting systems dedicated to the fashion industry, FKgroup also provides its customers with the best software for cutting room automation and the correct processing of garments with logos or patterns regardless of the complexity.

FKgroup’s CAD software is capable of automating, simplifying and storing cutting jobs, including generating missing data and information, as well as recording them and associating them with specific pieces in the fashion collection, if necessary.

Cutting systems and CAD software can be complemented by ARC technology.

With state-of-the-art components and technology, the fashion cutting systems offered by the group today boast outstanding performance, both in terms of precision and energy performance.

This acronym, which stands for Augmented Reality Camera, allows the combination of several already known solutions, such as CAD, CAMERA, NESTING and CAM, the operator can work in augmented reality and set up the most precise possible cutting of panels and patterns, even mattresses.

This AI process allows the automatic positioning of parts by video on a real drawing and not a simulation, and the generation of any missing information, such as reference and meeting points.

This solution is perfectly suited to the needs of the fashion industry, as it enables cutting systems to avoid the precision errors that transferring to paper entails, offering unprecedented accuracy and reducing cutting times by up to 1,000%.