FKgroup offers a wide range of tailor-made cutting systems for the aeronautical and aerospace sectors equipped with cutting-edge technology and low environmental impact.

We offer solutions designed to cut any latest-generation type of fabric increasingly used in high-tech sectors as efficiently as possible, such as carbon fibre, fibreglass or aramid, Kevlar, polyester and alutex.

The evolution of epoxy resins and construction methods have made the use of these materials more and more common, due to their structural resistance (equal to or greater than metal components) but also due to the considerable reduction in weight.

To meet the needs of manufacturers, FKgroup offers solutions capable of ensuring the accuracy and cleanliness of fabric cutting, guaranteeing maximum precision in the delicate joining areas during lamination.

Whether it’s the aeronautics and aerospace sector, we have unique, innovative and patented solutions with very high-tech content which are able to considerably reduce costs and production times.

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The best technology for cutting systems dedicated to the aerospace and aeronautics sectors

Thanks to the collaboration with the main companies dedicated to robotics electronics, especially Siemens and Fanuc, today FKgroup is able to offer the best technology in cutting systems.

For example, it was possible to study a patented blade movement system with a cutting range of 1 cm (against the traditional 0.2 cm).

This technology for cutting systems dedicated to the aerospace and aviation sectors, is perfect for obtaining a clean, non-flaking result, even when cutting untreated materials.

This has been an increasingly frequent and necessary requirement for companies working with the big names in the industry.

Tecno Freccia, FKgroup’s solution for cold cutting of composite materials

Tecno Freccia is the cutting machine designed for the aerospace and aeronautics sectors, thanks to its versatility, speed and precision.

This is a cold-cutting system that allows the cooling capacity of the exclusive needle (and not felt) cutting table to be exploited. This allows the blade temperature to be kept below 40-50 degrees, thereby preventing thermal hardening and extending its life at maximum performance.

This is possible because the table needles hold the material up, thus creating a 4 cm gap between it and the cutting table for airflow, which is further aided by the turbines.
In this way a vortex system or the use of silicones is no more needed, allowing the entirety of the blade to be used to its full potential.

The next missions to the Moon, Mars and Venus will have components cut using Tecno Freccia.

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A clean cut, no matter the material

  • Carbon Fibre
  • Fibreglass
  • Pre-preg (pre-impregnated composites)
  • Core Materials
  • Kevlar

Safety and performance, two sides of the same coin

Composite material cutting is essential to ensure the correct lamination and behaviour of the materials under stress.

These are two important factors to take into account, even more so in systems dedicated to cutting composites for the aerospace and aeronautics sectors.

Tecno Freccia is the only cutting machine on the market with ISO 5011 certification for air filtration.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology which is exclusive to FKgroup, and the use of the best filtering agents designed for the automotive industry (MAN and Audi), it allows for the ambient air to be completely filtered and purified about 50 times in 24 hours. This system has an ISO 5011-certified efficiency of 99.8%.

This process eliminates micro-particles and polluting molecules, allowing for a clean cut and the preservation of workers’ health.

Worker protection at FKgroup

Always tailor-made

FKgroup’s solutions for cutting materials for the aerospace and aviation sectors are always based on the actual needs of the company. The company’s philosophy aims to improve the quality of life of individuals and companies, offering tailor-made products of the highest level.

In addition to exceptional performance, we at FKgroup also guarantee a tailor-made and personalised service that is not limited to design, but extends to installation and all-round customer care.

Since its founding, the company has demonstrated its ability to be a serious and creative partner capable of designing solutions that are customised, highly efficient and attentive to the environment and its workers’ health. All this in Italy and abroad.

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FKgroup cutting systems for aerospace, aeronautics and shipbuilding: a green choice

One of FKgroup’s priorities is to save energy. This allows for a reduction in the costs and environmental impact of cutting systems, even those dedicated to cutting materials for the aerospace and aeronautical sectors.

TÜV SÜD has in fact certified Tecno Freccia, awarding it an A+. This very high grade is due to the fact that it consumes about 20 fewer tons of CO2 than other machines on the market.

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