fkad software

Limitless possibilities of creation

Complete suite of software solutions and latest generation technologies dedicated to the fashion industry, home textile, bags and high-tech material.

cutting room equipment

Innovative automatic cutting system

Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine is known for its best quality, performance, reliability and durability. Cutting heads with different heights and several cutting window sizes allow to meet most production needs.

technical textiles and composites

Combination of technology, design and reliability

Whether you’re creating high fashion garments, or whether you’re making textiles for the home or working with heavy duty materials to create camping equipment or sails for luxury yachts, the benefits of an automatic cutting machine are without a doubt, vital to your business in many ways.


Latest generation of plotter with different printing technologies

Plot your designs in the most efficient, precise and economical way

what our clients say

  • A&G Srl celebrates 25 years of cooperation with FKgroup.
    Today we reached the 4th generation of automatic cutting machines and 3rd generation of spreading machines which renews our trust in FKgroup.
    It may seem like paying lip service to FK but it is only a statement of facts: since the first UNICONT computerised spreaders with the possibility to interact with the automatic cutting machines and program the full cutting cycle , we have enjoyed an advantage point over our competitors using traditional machinery. All of this was happening 25 years ago. Developments in response to our requests never stopped and still today we work day after day in search for innovative solutions to the continuous ever changing needs dictated by the volatile fashion trends.

    Mozzato Michele
    A. & G. s.r.l. - Taglio abbigliamento generalizzato
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