FKgroup’s cutting systems are also suitable for cutting fabrics used in the medical sector, such as non-woven fabrics.

For the production of gowns, masks, shoe covers and caps for operating theatre use, FKgroup has created the ‘Galeno’ cutting machine, designed and engineered specifically for the medical sector.

This solution designed especially for cutting non-woven fabrics boasts features that are unique in the market.

For example, they are equipped with a mechanism for automatic belt cutting of hospital and non-woven fabrics and a blade cooling and/or lubrication system that works with bleach and aseptic solutions.

In this way, it is possible to reduce the temperature of the blade by acting on the friction, preventing contamination of the non-woven fabric and other fabrics with silicone or other substances not suitable for this sector.

In addition, all the cutting machines manufactured by FKgroup are equipped with technology for lowering blade temperatures by means of air, not just lubrication.  This is achieved by the arrangement of the two carpets accommodated to generate a vacuum and thus allowing either natural air recirculation or by Vortex technology.

To ensure even better performance, our solutions are designed to be used in cleanrooms. Cutting takes place in an environment with a low content of suspended micro dust particles and a controlled atmosphere.

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Speed, productivity and a healthy working environment with FKgroup solutions

The group’s solutions are able to speed up work cycles thanks to the simple and intuitive ‘Just Cut’ automatic cutting software, and to improve production quality standards with ISO 5011-certified filters for the extraction and elimination of allergenic dust. Eco Power technology, on the other hand, allows the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions which is ISO 9001 TUV and TUV MEP certified.

All these features are combined with a thinner blade, perfect for reducing friction overheating, capable of cutting 150-300 sheets of non-woven fabric in one go.

The range dedicated to the cutting of non-woven fabrics and other materials for the medical sector has been indicated as strategic by FKgroup to the World Health Organisation. This is because it allows the use of bleach as a lubricant in the cutting phase, air filtration and CO2 abatement among other things.



Other features offered by FKgroup for cutting medical fabrics

Our group also offers a complete suite of constantly evolving 64bit software solutions and technologies dedicated to the Medical, Fashion, Home Textile, Bags & Luggage and Technical Materials sectors. 

FKgroup is able to guarantee a completely aseptic result, which is perfect for the use of non-woven fabric in the medical field.

The commitment of the FKgroup against Covid-19. We have designed specific machines for the creation of personal protective wear.

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