FKgroup CAD Solutions

FKgroup offers a complete suite of 64bit-native and constantly updated CAD software solutions called FKAD.

CAD software, an acronym that stands for ‘Computer-Aided Design and Drafting’, is technology which allows you to design and create technical documentation, replacing manual drawing with an automated process.

This technology allows you to analyse design ideas, depict concepts through photo-realistic renderings, and complete a project.
This software is also (and above all) necessary in the textile clothing, technical textiles and automotive sectors.

FKgroup has always focused on innovation, and has been investing in research for years in order to offer increasingly better programs and technologies for the production management and the model creation and production management department.

Discover the FKgroup cutting solutions for fashion

Today, the group has its own package of solutions designed to offer:

Versatility, speed and performance

Our FKAD CAD software is designed to meet the needs of all companies in the textile/clothing, technical textile and automotive sectors, increasing productivity, speed whilst always ensuring high performance and standards.
Thanks to their being 64bit native, they are able to respond quickly to operator demands but also to the changes of a market in constant and rapid evolution.

Integration with main systems, databases and 3D CAD

Our customizable FKAD CAD software is the perfect ally to facilitate communication processes and data interchange even with different systems and integrated and/or integrable databases. They also allow the use of dynamic files integrated with SQL and Oracle. To offer the best possible experience, FKgroup adapts to the 3D CAD software chosen by its customers, interfacing it with their 2D CAD.

Here at FKgroup we offer technology solutions that support creativity, quality, customization and innovation.

The FKAD CAD software suite from FKgroup

FKad Model 1-2-3

The FKAD CAD software allows the creation/editing of models, importing of images, fabrics and measurements and the customisation of menus and the Help desk.

FKad AutoPlace 1-2-3

An efficient tool for creating placements automatically, leaving the possibility of making changes manually as well.

FKad Fitting 1-2

A CAD program that allows the creation of made-to-measure garments, enabling its industrialised development.

FKad Vect 1-2

Two-shape input CAD software compatible with any CAD system via DXF-ASTM formats, like Digitizer, DigiPen, DIGISCAN, DIGIBOX, EVODIGIT and CAMERADIGIT.

FKad Wom Plan

The program designed for the planning and optimisation of cutting orders that aims at the most efficient management of time, resources and placements.

FKad Place

An ideal tool for the creation of free placements, with constraints and specifications, fault areas, grids and with the visualisation of the positioning of the fabric on the spreading table.

FKad Import/Export

A program that allows you to import and export in different formats to ensure the best communication with the most popular CAD software.

FKad Gateway

A software to set different profiles, supervise the progress of placements, export ISO and HPGL files and to manage and generate automatic placement queues.

FKad Design

The creative solution for making presentations with fabric swatches, two-dimensional elements, sketches, custom collages and creating variations and combinations.

FKad Wom PM

The strategic PDM software that allows to integrate, share and manage data and technical information of collections, allowing complete and secure management.

FKad DataBase

The ‘Database’ program allows you to integrate SQL files and other DBs, allowing the data archive to be managed efficiently and safely.

Our customers are supported by a sales team with technical expertise able to assist them in identifying the latest software and technological solutions that meet increasingly challenging production requirements.

For any kind of production and need, FKgroup is always able to find and create the best customisable solution, including for CAD software.