FKgroup’s Custom Solutions.

We offer solutions that not only guarantee the quality of the end products, but also respond efficiently to the needs and requirements of each individual customer in a rapidly evolving market. Every customer of ours knows that when they turn to our company, they get exactly what they want with the certainty of getting something unique.

Our philosophy: a mechatronic cutting system

Over our 60-year history, we’ve made the kinds of great choices which have made us a point of reference for the analysis, design and automation of cutting rooms. Thanks to these choices, we have designed flexible cutting machines that guarantee excellent performance. We have embraced the platform philosophy, conceiving each of our products not as a machine, but as a mechatronic cutting system. At the heart of this integrated system is hardware designed in-house and a software component entrusted to globally-recognised companies.

We design and build machines with passion and expertise, investing in research, gathering and analysing customer preferences. Thanks to the excellence of the components and the combination of existing solutions with technological innovations, our mechanics are robust, safe and designed to last. Our products are recognised for their cutting precision.

We know that electronics are the core of every machine. This is why all our products are fitted with Fanuc or Siemens electronics, two leading companies in the sector known for the quality of their automation in the industrial field. This choice allows us to respond to customer requests quickly and efficiently by modulating our software while leaving the hardware untouched. This differentiates us and our products from others on the market, where customisation involves making changes to the hardware even when it is not necessary, bringing with them negative consequences on the production process in terms of costs and time. This choice has immediately enabled us to become a company with powerful and versatile electronics.

The integration of hardware and software components makes the system capable of receiving information and implementing changes to meet specific requirements with configurations tailored to each need, optimising the quality and functionality of the products and managing to respond quickly and effectively to increased market demand. This combination of different software applications with the types of machines makes it possible to generate a plethora of original solutions. This gives FKgroup’s products a versatility that can handle demand from a wide range of sectors, from textiles to automotive, marine and medical, as well as aerospace.

“The choice is left up to the customer, as we’re able to serve them promptly and provide answers to any request”

Providing bespoke services also means assisting the customer from the design process, assembly and through to final delivery. Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers and designers who are ready to respond competently to any need you may have. After the exchange and evaluation by our staff, the choice is left up to the customer, as we’re able to serve them promptly and provide answers to any request. After the purchase, our customer service department will be on hand to solve any problems, offering personalised advice and personalised contracts.