FKgroup is a reliable partner that has worked for over 60 years alongside the top Italian and international companies in a wide range of sectors, including the nautical one.

Our machines are designed for two specific applications:

Cutting fibreglass or carbon fibre reinforcement fabrics in the lamination of composite materials for nautical uses

Our cutting machines for nautical fabrics can be used for hulls even with several layers of material, decks and superstructures of boats, one of the most highly appreciated Made in Italy segments in the world.

They can also be used on technical or particularly complex materials such as bidirectional or multi-axial fibreglass or carbon fibre mats and fabrics of many different weights.

Cutting technical nautical fabrics and materials to make boat and yacht cushions.

FKgroup’s cutting machines for nautical fabrics are designed to perfectly cut even the most complex and difficult fabrics used for boat and yacht cushions.

Materials that can be cut include PVC faux leather and Teflon-treated alcantara for upholstery, as well as polyurethane and polyester of different densities.
These are the most commonly used fabrics and materials for cushions for boats, yachts, powerboats or dinghies.
Cutting these types of nautical fabrics is more difficult than cutting more traditional fabrics, because of their exceptional resistance, that protects them against UV rays, salt and humidity.

Moreover, being cut and woven for the luxury industry and often sewn by hand, these cuts and fabrics require millimetre precision.

I FKGroup’s cutting machines for nautical fabrics allow all of this.

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Find out in the article how the FKgroup cutting machine revolutionised the production of nautical cushions previously made by hand.

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Active since 1961, today FKgroup is a true reference point for cutting room analysis, design and automation, with bespoke machines also for cutting nautical fabrics.

FKgroup does not only offer its customers its machines and accessories, but it is a true technological partner.

Indeed, as a partner it is able to help its customers identify and design tailor-made solutions, capable of truly revolutionising the cutting room.

This is also why it is now present throughout the world, with more than 10,000 production systems including cutting machines, spreaders and CAD software.

A presence that is now synonymous with quality, also thanks to a highly acclaimed after-sales service and unrivalled attention to the latest technologies and the environment.

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Timing and precision: some of the reasons why you can rely on FKgroup’s cutting machines for nautical fabrics

There are many reasons to choose an FKgroup cutting machine for your cutting needs.

Not only can you drastically reduce the time needed for the actual cutting, also due to multilayer cuts that do not stress the fabrics, but you can also reduce the time needed to prepare the cutting and, subsequently, the pieces.

This is possible thanks to high-tech systems that, for example, make the preparation and positioning of the patterns unnecessary.

Moreover, the extreme precision guaranteed by our cutting machines for nautical fabrics facilitates the sewing. The software installed on the machines also minimises waste, while making it extremely easy to manage the ordering of materials.

Finally, all of our cutting systems, not only those dedicated to nautical fabrics, are designed to promote a healthy environment in the cutting room and to be as user-friendly as possible, so as not to slow down production after being installed.

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Ludovico Percivale, Production Manager of the Yacht Design lamination subcontractor, talks about the operating results obtained thanks to the automatic cutting system supplied by FKgroup.

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FKgroup’s cutting machines for nautical fabrics

Tecno Freccia

Tecno Freccia is one of the most highly appreciated systems in this sector.

This is an automatic conveyor cutting system, ideal for working composite materials, capable of cutting several layers of fibre simultaneously based on the weight.

Suitable for large shipyards and for subcontractors specialised in the lamination of composite materials, it easily cuts multi-axial mats and fabrics at 45° and bi-directional ones at 90°, with weights ranging from 400 to 1800 g/ m2 for fibreglass and from 400 to 800 g/ m2 for carbon fibre.

Fk Tecno Freccia Cutting System

With this machine it is possible to engineer the production, guaranteeing the manufacture of pieces that are always identical, cut in sure times.

Fitted with blades that have been developed specifically for cutting composite materials, the Tecno Freccia cutting system for nautical fabric guarantees higher speeds than older models.

Moreover, it drastically reduces times compared to manual cutting, with a significant increase in efficiency, timing and accuracy, but with less waste and reduced power consumption. Pre-cutting positioning times are also cut because there is no need for patterns, as are the post-cutting times, due to the automatic recognition of cut pieces and cutting precision.


Read the interview with Marco Finotti, CNC machine manager at the AZIMUT Yachts production site in Avigliana and watch the video of the machine in operation.

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Tecno Biliardo

Another flagship machine of the cutting machines for nautical fabrics is FKgroup’s Tecno Biliardo.

This fixed table machine is designed to perform fast and precise automatic cutting of both technical materials and complex fabrics. For example, it is ideal for processing and cutting faux leather, PVC foams, breathable fabrics used in the production of nautical cushions, as well as fibreglass and carbon fibre mats.
With its two rotating plates, this machine not only increases productivity and precision, without sacrificing strength, but also reduces cleaning times.
Instead, the innovative quick release system allows you to quickly switch from one type of cut to another, facilitating the preparation stages.

The surface of the work table, with a patented design that is unique on the market, is equipped with micro-needles that keep the material to be cut raised. With this special design feature, it is possible to generate an air flow that cools the various materials, making the need for an additional ventilation system unnecessary and, consequently, reducing energy consumption.

Fk Tecno Biliardo Cutting System

Just as with other FKgroup cutting machines for nautical fabrics, Tecno Biliardo is also integrated with the Just Cut control software.

This software allows operators to set and modify the cutting parameters in a rapid, user-friendly and safe way.

In addition to the oscillating and fixed blade, the Tecno Biliardo cutting machines for nautical fabrics can be fitted with a rechargeable pen to write codes that identify each piece, a boring and punching device and a milling device.

These systems are designed to make our machines a real ally for our customers, tailor-made for the most diverse production requirements.

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