Fk Tecno Biliardo Cutting System
Fk Tecno Biliardo Cutting System

Tecno Biliardo Cutting System

Tecno Biliardo is a static automatic cutting machine with unique abilities.

It’s perfect for cutting composite materials and technical fabrics. Its features make sure that it meets the needs of small and medium-sized companies, those involved in R&D and prototype production, or those with workflows that don’t need continuous feeding.


Tecno Biliardo is a static auto-cutter equipped with the FKgroup’s best cutting solutions. Its unique and patented features make it suitable for processing complex materials such as PVC, fibreglass, carbon fibre, medical materials, laminated fabrics, foams and much more.

Its strengths are:

  • state-of-the-art features;
  • reliability;
  • low investment cost;
  • ease of use;
  • low energy consumption.


Tecno Biliardo meets the highest quality production requirements and performs complex machining of technical materials quickly and accurately. Each machine is supplied with two plates which feature reduced cleaning times thanks to their rotation. In addition to the oscillating blade and fixed blade, a milling device, rechargeable pen, drilling device and punches are also available. The innovative quick-release plate allows you to quickly switch between different types of cuts.
Like the other FKgroup cutting machines, Tecno Biliardo is equipped with a unique patented table design. The micro-needles on the surface hold the material to be cut and allow a flow of air to cool it without the need for additional ventilation, which translates to a savings in energy. The Just Cut control software sets and changes the cutting parameters quickly, intuitively and safely.


The electronics are one of the most sensitive parts of any machine. This is why FKgroup has chosen to use components from the best brands on the market. Tecno Biliardo is equipped with FANUC electronics, a company recognised worldwide for the quality of its industrial automations.
Our customer service department can also provide assistance on the phone or via web to quickly solve any inconvenience or problem.


Tecno Biliardo is an especially excellent investment for those productions that don’t want the cutting material to be continuously fed, but want the highest quality possible at the right cost. The tables are offered in fixed dimensions compatible with standard sheet sizes.
It’s Industry 4.0 ready – all data can be collected and processed for production control and planning.


FKgroup is committed to reducing energy consumption. Tecno Biliardo is equipped with the innovative 4 kW double turbine system, which replaces the 11 kW single turbine. The double turbine vacuum system guarantees an average consumption of about 4,9 kW/h and is TUV-certified. The vacuum system is ISO 5011-certified for air purification. The double impeller allows a more efficient suction that offers better environmental quality and high quality of the final processed product.

Technical data

Tecno Biliardo is available in various combinations of working width and length of the cutting window (up to 620 cm). The machine can be customised following a feasibility study.

Additional technical characteristics:

  • installed power 12 kW;
  • electric supply 400V±10%;
  • max. compressed lay height 2.5 cm.

(FKgroup strives to constantly improve its machinery. With this in mind, it reserves the right to modify the technical or functional characteristics without prior notice.)