Why purchase an automatic cutting machine for nautical fabrics?

The need to mass-produce cushions made it indispensable to purchase an automatic cutting machine for nautical interiors. The choice of FKgroup was not an automatic one. Indeed, it was made after talking to other companies in the sector. The group’s ability to present itself as a partner of excellence alongside the top companies in Italy and internationally, besides the unrivalled quality-price ratio, was convincing.

The machine, installed in 2021, is a Biliardo 6, fitted with a blade cooling system. A choice that, after three years of use, Tappezzeria Di Nunzio confirms to be a winning one.

The machine is only used for a few hours each week, but despite this it has completely revolutionised the company’s production, saving many hours of manual cutting each day.

Numbers that make the difference

The company works with materials such as faux leather, foam, textiles and PVC for nautical canvasses and, prior to 2021, it operated solely in manual mode. Purchasing an automatic cutting machine for nautical interiors from FKgroup has brought many advantages. Not only is it now capable of mass production, as required by customers, it has also made significant savings in terms of money and time. To give some numbers, the company has gone from an average of five hours to just 20 minutes to completely cut a single layer. This means a reduction of over 90%, an impressive statistic, especially if you consider that it takes into account only the time spent on the actual cutting. However, the machine sold by FKgroup also allows considerable improvements in the times of the pre-cutting and post-cutting stages.

Indeed, the company also saves in the preliminary stage, that of the fabric marking, which was previously performed manually.

With FKgroup’s CAD solutions, full integration with the suppliers’ drawings, which are automatically read by the system, is now possible. This makes drawing with patterns a thing of the past, reducing time and effort. Moreover, the accuracy of automatic cutting also facilitates the machining stage in the tailoring sector, because the correct measurements of the seam allowances are always respected. Time is also reduced by the possibility of cutting several layers of material simultaneously. The staff at Tappezzeria Di Nunzio put the machine offered by FKgroup to the test, cutting up to 20 layers of fabric and up to 5 of faux leather, in the case of larger pieces, those measuring 1 m x 50 cm.

The increased cutting speed, an activity which is now limited to just a few hours a week, has also allowed the company to attract new customers, thanks to the reduced times and excellent quality of the work.

True production support,
right from the start

With the purchase of the automatic cutting machine for nautical interiors from FKgroup, the company has also been able to improve the control of its internal processes. These processes are facilitated by the optimisation of the cutting and the reduction of waste offered by automatic cutting, which allows the best possible calculation of the quantities of fabric needed for each individual job.

The purchase of an FKgroup machine also proved to be an optimal choice from the point of view of user experience.

Indeed, despite the fact that the automatic cutting machine for nautical interiors was installed during the busiest months of production for Tappezzeria Di Nunzio, the workers were able to return to work just four hours after the machine was introduced.

This thanks to the extremely user-friendly mechanisms and interfaces, even for the less tech-savvy users, and excellent support from FKgroup.

Today, more than two years after installing the FKgroup automatic cutting machine for nautical interiors, Tappezzeria Di Nunzio would make the same choice again.