Automatic fabric cutting machine

Automated Fabric Cutting Machine

Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine is known for its best quality, performance and durability.

The devices offer many cutting sizes and widths for added manufacturing versatility.

The Automatic Fabric cutting machine is the perfect choice for versatile high-volume manufacturing in a new era of global outfits manufacturing, work clothes, stitching market, knit producer, automobile, industrial content, package bag, versatile package bag, fabric package, graphite content, as well as fabric, weaved content and non-woven content.

The devices feature has a highly innovative cutting procedure with a reciprocating blade for perfection cutting through materials.

They also functions with a special operator to cool the blade while cutting content that can burn. The device measures the blade size automatically, thereby maintaining perfection for detailed cutting as sharp sides and steps. It also watches blade wear in real time, informing the owner when replacement of the blade is necessary.

The device also has an internal design of the suction power stage that enables cutting waste to be got rid of consistently.

When cutting along a common design range that is distributed among two styles that are next to each other, the automatic fabric cutting machine can cut the range with a single cut.

Through preventing recurring cutting, the risk of cutting mistakes is decreased, and effective manufacturing can be carried out.

Also, by applying this process instantly, lead time for modifying information can be decreased. Cutting speed is decreased instantly in areas where a number of styles are close, for increased perfection and decreased information modifying times. The device also has emergency stop control buttons which are located at all 4 sides of the machine.

On top of that to the above functions, the automatic fabric cutting machine is furnished with an operator to cut into pieces, a fabric tagging that uses a laser sends boundaries cutting only to necessary areas.

Additionally, functions such as automatic arranging of cutting information and transformation of cutting specifications into files, promote effective function.

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