Yacht Design is a leading Italian company in the production of molds and large components in fiberglass and carbon for the nautical sector such as hulls, decks, deckhouses, and hard tops.

At its Leinì and Turin facilities, it employs around 130 employees, all characterized by high level of expertise and specialization, to offer a service of excellence to many of the most prestigious and historical Made in Italy brands. In recent years, increased market demands have dictated the production of around 12-15 finished boats every month.

To optimize the production time process, Yacht Design decided to invest in an automatic fabric cutting machine by FKgroup. Thanks to this choice, it is now able to make use of the best technology, reducing production costs and boosting the entire cutting process.

Yacht Design and FKgroup: a collaboration based on cost reduction and high performance

At the moment, Yacht Design is capable of combine artisan craftsmanship with the excellent performance of automation.

This is possible also thanks to the use of the Tecno Freccia automatic fabric cutting machine, a solution developed by FKgroup to meet the specific cutting needs of composite materials. The choice of Tecno Freccia was dictated by the need for a versatile machine, capable of guaranteeing maximum reliability even on different fabrics. In fact, it is suitable for cutting materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber and prepregs of different weights, as well as PVC and polyurethane core materials.

Before the machine was installed, the cutting process was performed manually on individual fabrics. Today, this is no longer the case.

The automatic fabric cutting machine now allows Yacht Design to cut several layers of fabric at the same time, providing greater control over the materials and their use, increasing the quality of each individual cut, and avoiding waste.

Furthermore, it offers the purchasing department the opportunity to simplifying procurement, as they can predict exactly how much material will be needed for future production.

The economic saving from waste reduction is estimated about 15-20%, to which must be added the time saved with the automatization. These are important numbers, which today allow Yacht Design to respond to all requests, bringing production times in line with the schedules of a particularly challenging market

Purchasing an automatic fabric cutting machine: the choice of FKgroup

Massimo Farina, Purchasing Manager, and Ludovico Percivale, Production Manager at Yacht Design, have no doubts.

The decision to opt for an automatic fabric cutting machine by FKgroup was a winning one, dictated by many factors. Firstly, FKgroup is a leader in its sector, with an important presence not only in Italy, where it collaborates with some of the most important companies in the nautical sector, but also on an international level.

FKgroup has proven to be a reliable partner both in terms of technical support (in presence and remote) and in terms of product.

Buying an FKgroup automatic fabric cutting machine, in fact, is a choice that allows you to minimize repair and maintenance costs, not only those related to the actual cutting.

Lastly, Tecno Freccia is equipped with the continuous cutting system, allowing the roller – and the production itself – to never stop, and facilitates assembly operations, thanks to the automated writing of an identification code on each cut piece.

A winning partnership between two companies that represent the best of Made in Italy.