Fk Tecno Freccia Cutting System
Fk Tecno Freccia Cutting System
Fk Tecno Freccia Cutting System
Fk Tecno Freccia Cutting System

Tecno Freccia Cutting System

Ideal solution for small or medium productions.

Tecno Freccia is the automatic conveyor cutting system for mattresses up to 2.5 cm. One machine with many functions, Tecno Freccia is: versatile; fast and accurate; efficient.


The innovative 4 kW double turbine system lowers consumption to 4.9 kW making Tecno Freccia even more Eco-friendly. The system ensures reduced noise thanks to the 2 turbines with reduced frequency revolutions. The double impeller allows for more efficient suction.

The system is also specifically designed for cutting: PVC, glass fiber, carbon fiber, protective fibers from medical rays, laminated fabrics, foam, wadding, rubber, insulation for walls and pipes, polyurethane, nylon and kevlar. Perfect for industrial sectors such as construction, automotive, nautical, aeronautics, furniture, defense or protective clothing.

The Just Cut control software allows to set and modify the cutting parameters in a fast, intuitive and safe way.

The technical assistance service, by telephone or via the web, allows the operator to always have real-time support and work in complete peace of mind.

The machine is equipped with the Non Stop Cutting System that allows you to manage the cutting as it advances (Continuous Cutting software) or to work with consistent mattresses (Quick Release Vacuum).

The ISO 5011 air quality and TÜV certifications of MEP systems on reduced consumption are included.

The machine is equipped with Fanuc or Siemens electronics. It is available in several versions to suit all work needs adapt to all work needs.

  • Standard 4kW double turbine (total length of the machine 4.80mt);
  • Upgrade with double 5.5 kW turbine (total machine length 4.80mt);
  • Short with single 11 kW turbine (3.67 m length).


Depending on the needs Tecno Freccia can be completed with various options that allow greater control of work, speed and complex processes:

  • LG 32” 16:9 Ultra HD 4K Design Ultra Slim monitor;
  • Writing marker with pen adapter instead of the drill;
  • Panel and switchboard live positioning system: support, double optics 200×340, das4cut software nesting.

Technical data

N° 2 TURBINES OF 4 kW O 5,5 kW

Working Area (cm) 180 x 180 200 x 180 220 x 180 250 x 180 320 x 180 180 x 240 200 x 240 250 x 240* 320 X 240*
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 480 x 284 x 214 480 x 304 x 214 480 x 324 x 214 480 x 354 x 214 480 x 424 x 214 526 x 284 X 214 526 x 304 x 214 526 x 354 x 214 526 x 424 x 214
Weight (Kg) 2300 2450 2750 2850 3290 2850 2950 3250 3890
Installed Power (kW) 14 25
Average Consumption (kW) 4,9 4,9 6 6 7 7 7 7 7,5
Power supply Tension 400V±10%
Max compressed lay height (cm) 2,5

*For 250/240 and 320/240, 4 turbines of 4 kW or 5.5 kW are required

N° 1 11 kW TURBINE (unloading table without overhang)

Working Area (cm) 180×180 200×180 220 x 180
Overall dimensions
L x W x H (cm)
367 x 284 x 214 367 x 304 x 214 367 x 324 x 214
Weight (Kg) 2200 2350 2650
Installed Power (kW) 14
Average Consumption (kW) 4,9 4,9 6
Power supply Tension 400V±10%
Max compressed lay height (cm) 2,5

With the aim of improving its machinery FKgroup reserve the right to change the technical characteristics without prior notice.