Augmented Reality Camera

ARC, augmented reality to cut panels, checks and stripes, even on multiple plies.

ARC is the union of various already known solutions that find their maximum functionality in the integration of CAD + CAMERA + NESTING + CAM. ARC is the acronym for Augmented Reality Camera, in fact the system is a set of optical cameras, supports and DASforCut software that allow an operator to work in augmented reality.


The operator, observing the real drawing on the screen, immediately decides the positions of the pieces. Each positioning can be cut on the spot as we are working directly on the real panel and not on a simulation.

In the event that the piece files to be cut, received from any CAD, do not contain all the information necessary for the processes and require other additional indications, the DASforCut software is able to generate internal contours, notches, reference points, matching points etc… All these indications are immediately available to the cutting process and, if necessary, may remain associated with that piece.

Once the pieces have been placed by the professional in the screen where the actual fabric appears, they are cut all together and these positions can also be reused as a simple reference for the next cut as well.

PIN-DIRECT: it’s the perfect solution in case of mattress production of panels, stripes, checks.

An AI process that allows automatic nesting even on motifs and panels, is in a very advanced release phase.

With ARC therefore it is not necessary to print the pieces and place them onto the fabric, thus avoiding a passage with all the precision errors that the paper material may involve.

ARC is a system that allows to reduce one hour of work to 6-15 minutes by reducing cutting times from 400% to 1000%.

Obviously, it is essential to have a file of the pieces to be cut, but this file is not bound to any CAD. Furthermore, in the case of very small patterns, the Vision Camera can zoom up to 50 times.

ARC does not violate the customer’s privacy and requires neither the cloud nor remote access. Obviously, the Augmented Reality Systems and any AI will be transferred to the customer at the time of purchase. For the same reason, the system is not subject to any mandatory maintenance or software update contracts.

In the case of multilayers, the bristle cutting bed can include Pin Direct®, the FKgroup patented system: this solution allows manual application with Pins directly on the cutting surface, whether Static or Conveyor type.