Cutting machines for composite materials in the aeronautics aerospace sector

Tecno Freccia is the cutting machine used for the composite materials of most European launchers. FKgroup has developed patented solutions that have made the machine perfect for the aeronautical component cutting room. That’s because the technology used in Tecno Freccia complies with the parameters required by companies in the aeronautical and space sectors. This translates into safety, lightness and efficiency. In a word: perfection.

In aeronautics, the versatility and physical characteristics of composites are why they are replacing other materials. More often than in the past, companies are innovating in production and designing parts that can be made of epoxy resin reinforced with carbon, glass or aramid fibres. In their search for better performing materials, airliner manufacturers have already produced composite fuselages and wings. In recent years, its use has grown by 50%. As a material, it has numerous advantages over metal: lightweight – lower fuel consumption; resistant – less damage from impacts or corrosion; stable – it is not affected by temperature-related changes in size; quick to process – both during cutting and assembly; plastic – it offers the possibility to create precise and complex shapes.

Composites have critical areas that need to be addressed to maintain the desired safety and strength characteristics. Correct lamination is one of the main requirements for optimum performance. The joint areas are the critical points because they have to withstand the greatest mechanical stresses. That’s why aerospace companies demand cleanliness and precision when cutting.

Many solutions, one result: excellence in cutting composites for aeronautics

In the Tecno Freccia cutting system by FKgroup, existing solutions have been combined with technological innovations specifically designed for the processing of both pre-treated and dry fabrics. The result is a unique machine on the market that gives certified perfection in composite cutting.

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Tecno Freccia utilises the best existing technology for the cutting surface – a needle plate instead of felt. The main advantage is that it keeps the blade at a temperature that does not exceed 40-50 degrees, which would trigger the thermosetting process. In fact, the needles keep the material raised and create a gap of 4 centimetres in relation to the cutting table. The vacuum allows a continuous movement of air which is sucked in by the turbines at the point where the blade cuts the material, which cools it continuously without the need for a vortex system or silicones.

Thanks to collaboration with leading robotics electronics companies such as Fanuc and Siemens, the development of a patented blade movement system that can achieve a cutting range of 1 centimetre instead of the 0.2 centimetres of other oscillating blades has been possible. This is a perfect solution for cutting dry composite materials. The deep stroke of the Tecno Freccia provides a clean, non-fibrous cut. This is an advantage for companies working with large aeronautical companies who often require cutting on untreated materials. In fact, the lamination is done on the customer’s premises later because the resins may be subject to industrial patents.

Keeping composite materials clean is a factor that can affect the correct lamination and stress behaviour of components used in aeronautics. Tecno Freccia is the only machine on the market to have received ISO 5011 certification for air filtration. Thanks to the use of filtering agents designed for the automotive industry (MAN and Audi – the best in existence) and dedicated electronics, the ambient air is totally vacuumed out and purified about 50 times in 24 hours, rendering it completely free of pollutants and microparticles. The cut materials remain clean and a healthy environment is maintained for those who work in it. Attention to environmental sustainability is another feature that sets the FKgroup apart. The filtering system does not affect consumption – quite the contrary! TÜV awarded Tecno Freccia an A+, which means that it consumes 20 tonnes of CO2 less per year than other machines.

The cutting machine has been adopted by the world’s leading aeronautical and aerospace component manufacturers. In fact, the next missions to the Moon, Mars and Venus will have components cut using Tecno Freccia.

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