Universal Cutting System

Automatic fabric cutting is differentiated from user-operated manual cutting by its countless advantages. While manual cutting is carried out by an operator, automatic cutting utilises a combination of technologies that allow for 2-dimensional cutting of materials placed on a reel and/or in a sheet.

From processing speed to extreme precision, the technology behind automatic fabric cutting systems takes advantage of the most efficient innovations for Industry 4.0 and is suitable for use in various production sectors. 


This is because it can adapt to cutting requirements which are different for each type of production process and for the different materials used in the fabrics themselves.

As a leading company and reference point for cutting room design and automation since 1961, FKgroup knows this well. 

That’s why it’s continually investing in R&D and presents itself as a true technological partner to support customers in identifying the best solutions for automatic fabric cutting by offering an infinite range of machines and customisations.

The different types of automatic fabric cutting

Two types of automatic fabric cutting systems are available: static and conveyor. These two cutting modes make it possible to meet the different needs of each customer and each material. 

The static automatic fabric cutting system is suitable for processing materials in sheets or with particularly large tables, to work on very valuable materials. This allows any imperfections to be identified before moving on to the cutting phase.  

Some of FKgroup’s most popular static solutions are Biliardo and Tecno Biliardo. In addition to their extreme ease of use and reduced consumption, they meet the needs of companies that work on small to medium runs or are involved in the production of prototypes.

Then there’s the automatic conveyor fabric cutting system, which is characterised by the application of a made-to-measure feeder which functions like a conveyor belt. It allows the material on the cutting table to be automatically laid. This keeps the size of the machine under control while guaranteeing excellent performance and extreme precision. 

In fact, to cut 8 metres of material you will need a table of equal length when using a static system. Using the conveyor belt, however, you can reduce this extension significantly, spreading the material on the table as it goes along.

FKgroup offers automatic cutting systems for conveyor fabrics that can be adapted to the needs of each customer. From Universal, which lends itself to all types of production and can be customised with 6-8-9 cm heads, to Super Jeans, a machine dedicated to cutting this specific material, which can cut mattresses of considerable size and supports the acceleration of work cycles in terms of speed and productivity.

The choice of automatic fabric cutting systems must be made taking into account many factors, starting with the type of material which needs to be cut. That’s exactly why FKgroup offers a consultancy service to its customers and assists them throughout the entire project process.


Automatic or manual? It’s an easy choice!

Nowadays, companies almost always opt for an automatic system when choosing the right fabric cutting system. This is because the advantages over manual cutting are countless. 

These systems have substantially changed production processes for the better. This is due to the introduction of digitised and interconnected systems which guarantee:

a high-quality and meticulous cut…

Unlike automatic cutting, manual cutting can’t guarantee absolute precision – especially when you’re aiming for efficient processing times. That’s why opting for an automatic fabric cutting system allows you to achieve high-quality standards while guaranteeing fast production cycles.

… which is also very quick and efficient 

Choosing an automatic fabric cutting system means extreme precision as well as speed and efficiency. This type of cutting system makes it possible to speed up cutting, even particularly difficult materials, and reducing times while increasing production volumes. Efficiency is also given by the reduction of costs and waste, which are drastically reduced thanks to a lower possibility of human errors and impressive energy performance.

FKgroup offers solutions capable of saving up to 300% of electricity compared to other automatic machines on the market, as certified by TÜV SÜD Italia with an IDCL of 100 and 95.

Without ever having to give up production versatility or flexibility

An automatic fabric cutting system is easily and quickly adaptable to the different stages of production thanks to the presence of different tools and software that allow complete customisation of the cutting parameters. This has allowed many FKgroup customers to convert their production in a short time – even during the Covid-19 public health crisis. 

The accuracy and quality of the cutting, reduced processing times and greater economic and energy efficiency are some of the aspects which have helped consolidate FKgroup as a reference point for automatic fabric cutting systems in Italy and all over the world. 

From Asia to South America, FKgroup has linked its brand to the most prestigious Italian and international brands by offering tailor-made solutions for automatic fabric cutting capable of responding to every need and with a great attention to detail.