Super Jeans Cutting System

Automatic conveyor cutting system specially designed for Jeans.

It’s capable of accelerating working cycles through both speed and productivity, applying a mix of technical characteristics and innovative materials that enable reaching cutting performances never achieved before. Cutting head designed for cutting high lays of denim, but also suitable for other types of hard materials.

  • JUST CUT: the simple and intuitive Software makes all cutting parameters setting fast and safe;
  • Eco Power vacuum system that guarantees considerable power saving;
  • Patented high speed sharpening system;
  • Mectronics Blade Sense: automatic knife deflection correction;
  • Patented multi-type knife lubrication system (wax, silicon oil or soapy water);
  • Vortec: refrigerated air blade cooling device;
  • Eccentric bearing with temperature control system;
  • Strengthened cutting head in aluminium and steel;
  • Automatic lubrication of the blade piston;
  • Quick Release Vacuum: system to reduce cutting window advancement time.

Technical data

Working Area A x L (cm) 180 x 170 200 x 170 180 x 240 200 x 240
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 470 x 290 x 220 470 x 310 x 220 592,3 x 290 x 220 592,3 x 310 x 220
Weight (Kg) 2880 2960 3220 3300
Installed Power (kW) 14 14 15 15
Average Consumption (kW) 5,9 5,9 6,2 6,2
Power supply Tension 400V±10%
Max compressed lay height (cm) 6

With the aim of improving its machinery FKgroup reserve the right to change the technical characteristics without prior notice.

Pneumatic head cover lift with double movement.

Blade cooling or lubrication system according to fabrics.

Drilling device with bit and variable heat control or spinning punches.