The acquisition of an FKgroup automatic cutting machine has helped Cargera, an Italian company based in Vicenza with more than 40 years of experience in the cutting and processing fabric, to consolidate itself as a leader in the industry. 

Cargera, founded in 1978 by tailor Giovanni Gelai, has specialized since the beginning in contract cutting of any garment, even those with complex patterns, with an attention to detail highly admired by the most prominent Made in Italy companies.

It was born from the idea of designing an industrial reality capable of proposing itself as a true partner and delivering services based on the philosophy of “total quality.” A project that continues today thanks to Filippo Gelai, CEO and second generation at the service of excellence.

Technology and experience,
Cargera’s added value. 

Today, Cargera presents itself to its customers as an expansion of their operational headquarters, capable of cutting and processing all kinds of fabrics with the care and attention they deserve. The services offered are exhaustive, from fabric warehouse management to packaging of the finished pieces, passing through sobering, fusing, automatic spreading, and automatic cutting of all fabrics.

Over the years, the company has particulary specialized in striped, checked, or other printed fabrics. This is possible thanks to the support of a technical department, which oversees the cutting of prints flawlessly, both on paper and file. It is also due to the use of the best machinery on the market, among which an FKgroup’s Freccia automatic cutting machine stands out.

This is precisely why, together with highly skilled staff and more than 40 years of experience, technology is one of the cornerstones of this company.

Keeping up with the times, thanks to FKgroup’s automatic cutting machine 

Proposing ourselves as a partner of excellence for the best companies in Italy and the world demands consistent attention to the latest technologies. This necessity to keep up with the times has prompted Cargera to adopt an automatic cutting machine produced by FKgroup.

As rightly pointed out by Filippo Gelai, CEO, “to maintain a very high level of technology, you need important partners.“ 

The choice to purchase an automatic cutting machine produced by FKgroup was not random.  Among the factors assessed, the most important were the machinery’s technology and its outstanding trustworthiness, which limits the incidence of maintenance costs.

In addition, Cargera also emphasized how FKgroup was able to work alongside them, understanding their production needs and counseling them on the best bespoke solution for the cutting room. The presence of real-time support and a service line that allows them to minimize downtime is another factor that helped Cargera reconfirm all their expectations.

Because FKgroup not only supplies automatic cutting machines, spreading systems, and CAD, but also acts as a technology partner that can support customers in identifying the best ad hoc solutions and designing them when necessary. In addition, it is able to guide them at every stage of the production process with exceptional quality service and by placing the best technology, including artificial intelligence, at the service of production.

Today, years after the installation of the automatic cutting machine, Cargera and FKgroup are two companies driven by a passion for excellence and projected into the future. 

Two realities capable of growing together, also thanks to a consolidated partnership, a symbol of Italian excellence.