Colnago, a company renowned internationally for the production of racing bikes, has chosen an FKgroup machine to cut its carbon fiber.

Established in the early 1950s, in the district of Milan, Colnago is a historical Made-in-Italy company, just like FKgroup. For many years, it has accompanied top cyclists with its high-performance racing bikes, built with craftsmanship and customized to meet the needs of each athlete, as Luca Donini, the company’s Head of Operation, proudly points out.  The brainchild of Ernesto Colnago, since 1987 the company has specialized in bicycles made of carbon fiber, a robust and flexible material. 

In 2022, it chose to entrust the carbon fiber cutting process to FKgroup’s Tecno Biliardo machine.

A winning choice

Opting for an FKgroup carbon fiber cutting machine proved to be the best choice. From the start, Tecno Biliardo led to a boost in production volumes, enhanced the efficiency of the production line and provided additional in-house control over the carbon used in the production of the frames. 

However, the benefits do not stop there. Thanks to the CAD suite of products supplied by FKgroupColnago can now manage the cutting phase of each frame, adapting it to each customer’s needs in just a few clicks. This has encouraged previously inconceivable boosts in efficiency and speed in the cutting of carbon fiber, along with better management of waste materials. It has also improved the cutting quality, which was previously manual, giving the frames a structure that is not only cleaner but also more robust.

With FKgroup’s carbon fiber cutting machine, we can do all this with an efficiency and speed that we have never had before,” says Tommaso Cervetti, Colnago’s Sports Marketing Engineer

On the workers’ side, always

The workers also highly appreciated the decision to install an FKgroup machine. 

The user-friendly interface of the carbon fiber cutting machine allowed them to take part in one more step of the production process in just a few days. 

This easiness made the FKgroup cutting machine the best choice, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of including the team in the overall production process and supporting craftsmanship, Colnago’s added value.

The use of the machine and interface is very simple and user-friendly, and this has allowed us to be immediately operational with the automatic carbon fiber cutting.” Rocco Ferrara, Colnago Frames Production

A customer service that makes the difference in carbon fiber cutting

One of the most appreciated aspects of this partnership of Made in Italy excellences is the ease of installation and the efficiency of FKgroup’s customer service. The carbon fiber cutting machine is characterized by its ease of installation, simplicity of use, and low maintenance requirements. Despite this, FKgroup is renowned for its customer service that adopts a total quality philosophy, where the most important value is customer satisfaction.  This commitment permeates every business relationship in the group and allows the customers, such as Colnago, to minimize downtime.

A success story

Colnago is the supplier of the UAE Team Emirates and can boast victories in the 2020 and 2021 Tour de France, as well as a second place in 2022.

In total, it has reaped over 3100 victories in world-class cycling events over the years, including 33 Grand Tours and 62 World Championships.

A story consecrating the company as a reference for professional athletes in Italy and worldwide, partly also thanks to the collaboration with FKgroup for the carbon fiber cutting.