FKgroup, with its automatic spreading and cutting solutions, is a partner of FASP, an Italian company located in Brescia devoted to the all-around production of seats for over 50 years.

Since its foundation in the 1970s, FASP has established itself as a national and international leader in this sector.

Its relevance is due to the company philosophy, based on innovation, ongoing investigation, and investment in modern equipment and machinery.

A future-oriented choice

The need to count on FKgroup’s automatic fabric spreading and cutting machinery emerged from the exponential blossoming of two of the most relevant sectors for FASP in 2021: medical ambulance transport and motorhome caravanning. 

In fact, among the sectors served by FASP, ambulances and vehicles for transporting people with disabilities, together with caravans and motorhomes, are the most noteworthy ones for the production of seats, benches, and convertible sleeping bars.

It is also worth mentioning the special seats for fire brigade vehicles, designed to guarantee maximum functionality and reliability, as well as those for sports facilities and the nautical sector.

Finally, the FASP portfolio also includes custom-made items. 

To remain competitive, modernization and optimization of the production process were crucial. 

To add value to the already outstanding portfolio, update the process, and cope with the demand increase, the Italian company chose to trust FKgroup’s automatic spreading and cutting solutions. 

Thanks to this choice, FASP has further perfected a production process based on product engineering, from prototype to vehicle, securing its position as the Italian leader in the sector.

FKgroup, FASP’s choice for automatic spreading and cutting

FASP opted for the Unicont spreading system.

This machine allows the roll of the chosen material to be assembled according to the customer’s requirements.Furthermore, it is laid automatically in up to 20 layers and cut them following fully computerized patterns.

This solution has brought tremendous benefits in terms of processing time and material optimization. The benefits are mainly due to the patterns’ digitalization on a server in the automatic cutting and spreading system. 

Thanks to this innovation, FASP’s entire production has now been digitized, reducing waste as well as human error to a minimum.

Likewise, it has also been speeded up as the cutting is done continuously.

“At the moment, all our production has been scanned, digitized, and entered into the server of the automatic spreading and cutting system.”

Andrea Levi, FASP Director

Solidity, service and Made in Italy: the added value of FKgroup 

Among the various proposals on the market, the choice of an automatic cutting and spreading machine by FKgroup arises not only from the outstanding quality of the machinery but also from FKgroup’s capability to operate as a trustworthy ally.

Moreover, the partnership between FKgroup and FASP portrays a model of excellence in cooperation between Italian companies and strengthens a 100% Made in Italy production. 

A productive philosophy aligned with the FASP mindset, based on high-tech solutions with a sartorial proclivity.