VS Covid-19

FKgroup active in the fight against Covid-19

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” - Albert Einstein

In recent weeks, our effort have been concentrated in the realization of plants that are used to the production of surgical masks and medical gowns for the medical supplies sector.

We truly believe that, together, we will make it.

As FKgroup, we decided to change to respond to this difficult situation: by modifying our habits, all together we will be able, little by little, to defeat the virus.

After helping China, China helps Italy

China is reciprocating the help by donating masks and protective clothing to Bergamo

After helping China, China helps Italy.

To create the bridge of solidarity between the two countries facing the coronavirus emergency, it is a company that manufactures machines made for cutting fabrics used for making disposable surgical gowns, FK Group with H.Q. in Dalmine, Bergamo

Fighting the virus in China

In China is based our partner company, PGM System, a minority shareholder, which markets our machines for cutting fabrics for hospital doctors.

With these machines, Chinese customers are cutting and packaging four thousand Medical Gowns per day and over 30 thousand Masks per hour.

Interview to Sergio Gori

In the video below Sergio Gori, managing director FKgroup, in a television broadcast, speak about FKgroup’s commitment to the fight against Coronavirus, which began in January with a donation of 2.000 masks to a Chinese partner company, up to the production and conversion of cutting machinery specific for cutting TNT, material with which are made masks and medical gowns. Watch the video to learn more (“Caffè Bollente” del 20/03/2020 – Teletruria).

FKgroup fighting Covid-19

We produce specific cutting machinery for the realization of protective clothing for doctors and nurses: 1.000 overalls/hr, and 25.000 masks/hr. We believe that together we can win this fight against the virus.

“Galeno” Series

FKgroup presents the “Galeno” Series, specific for the medical sector. An automatic conveyor cutting system capable of accelerating working cycles through both speed and productivity, enabling to reach cutting performances never achieved before, an automatic spreading machine for all fabric types (TNT, from lycra to denim, from jersey to technical textiles by specific devices) and a CAD now together in the “Galeno” Series by FKgroup.

“Galeno” series allows to produce up to 25000 face masks/hour or 1000 overalls/hour.

From FKgroup a series dedicated to the medical supplies sector

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