Aurora cutting system

Aurora Cutting System

The Aurora cutting machine is the proper model for those looking for a solution with outstanding performance, a reasonable price, and the capability of growing with the company.

Thanks to the excellent electronics and mechanics typical of all FKgroup cutting machines, Aurora can cut from 8 cm of a compressed mattress up to a single ply, thanks to its adjustable suction system. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for meeting the needs of companies operating in sectors such as clothes, which demands working on large amounts of garments while preserving low energy consumption and maintenance, or fashion, where accuracy and quality are crucial.

The Aurora cutting machine is eco-friendly, thanks to its 4 kW double turbine system. These low consumptions allow substantial energy savings, a decrease in noise, and highly performing extraction. Thanks to this technology, the average consumption is 4.9 kW, one of the lowest on the market.

Aurora is available with two distinct suction units:

  • with double 4 kW turbine;
  • with double 5.5 kW turbine.

This possibility makes Aurora the ideal option for developing companies because it can pursue their growth.

Moreover, thanks to the Just Cut control software, Aurora allows companies to set and adjust the cutting parameters quickly, intuitively, and safely, directly from the computer.

Also, thanks to the hardware installed on the FKgroup Aurora cutting machine, remote support via Web Cam and Wi-Fi connection from a computer are always available. This hardware, together with the telephone technical assistance service, allows the operator to have access to the technical support of FKgroup 24/7.

Electronics are one of the most delicate points in any cutting machine. For this reason, FKgroup has chosen to utilize components produced by the best brands on the market. For this reason, Aurora incorporates FANUC electronics, a company recognized worldwide for its quality in the industrial automation sector.

Depending on the needs, Aurora can be customized with various options to meet specific business needs.

These are:

  • Single drilling device;
  • Air blade cooling (-3°);
  • Blade lubrication with silicone substance;
  • Motorized transfer between spreading tables;
  • QRV rapid feed for high productions.

Technical data

Working Area (cm) 180 x 170 200 x 170 220 x 170
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 470 x 290 x 220 470 x 310 x 220 470 x 330 x 220
Weight (Kg) 2880 2960 3040
Installed Power (kW) 15 15 15
Average Consumption (kW) 4,9 4,9 4,9
Power supply Tension 400V±10% 400V±10% 400V±10%
Max compressed lay height (cm) 8 8 8

With the aim of improving its machinery FKgroup reserve the right to change the technical characteristics without prior notice.