By choosing an FKgroup fully automatic cutting line, Flenghi has reached a new level of production flexibility. Flenghi, a tailor’s shop specialising in professional clothing for public entities and the military, has adopted this solution to better meet its customers’ needs, adapting its production in terms of the quantity and type of fabrics it cuts.

The company is characterised by its ability to offer a complete range of services, from adapting production lines to creating made-to-measure patterns, thus guaranteeing flexibility that is unmatched in the sector.  This capability, along with in-house pattern-making, allows Flenghi to offer customised uniforms to a range of public entities, as well as to private customers. Since 1947, Flenghi has been a point of reference in professional clothing, maintaining the traditional values of Made in Italy craftsmanship: attention to detail, perfect fit, and long life of the garments, both in mass production and made-to-measure creations.

Purchasing a fully automatic cutting line: a choice in the name of flexibility

The need to adapt to extremely variable production needs prompted Flenghi to invest in a fully automatic Fkgroup cutting line. This decision was driven by the search for solutions that could effectively handle both small-scale production and demanding production challenges. Specifically, the line chosen has a 5-metre-long spreading table, which allows optimal spreading even for large-scale production.

Moreover, the company has added a new generation cutting machine, the highly versatile Universal model, to its fully automatic cutting line. This machine allows both single-sheet cutting and processing of thicker lays, guaranteeing a level of precision and flexibility that is ideal for Flenghi’s production needs. This strategic investment represents significant added value for the company, enabling it to meet the demands of a wide range of customers, from smaller town authorities to larger public entities such as provincial and regional capitals. The choice of Flenghi Divise proved to be a winning one.

The possibility of adapting production, by cutting both a single sheet and lays of considerable thickness, has allowed the company to respond to very different production requirements, perfectly managing both samples and the mass production of uniforms.

Natural, technical and synthetic fabrics

The FKgroup fully automatic cutting line chosen by Flenghi Divise has not only increased production flexibility in terms of the number of pieces but has also guaranteed excellent performance with all types of fabrics. Indeed, the cutting line stands out for its exceptional ability to work with a wide range of fabrics, both natural and synthetic. This versatility allows the company to successfully manage the production of uniforms for a range of sectors, including public authorities, military entities and even private customers.

One of the key advantages of this cutting line is its ability to cut synthetic fabrics without the risk of damaging them, thanks to the presence of a blade equipped with coolant. This technological feature allows Flenghi Divise to work with synthetic fabrics precisely and safety, while maintaining cutting quality in line with the highest Made in Italy standards.

Moreover, the fully automatic cutting line can also handle technical fabrics, known for their strength and complexity. This is particularly important for the company, considering its focus on uniforms for the state and military sectors, where the durability and technical performance of fabrics are crucial.

Thanks to the wide range of fabrics and thicknesses that the FKgroup fully automatic cutting line can handle, Flenghi Divise has expanded its customer base to include theatres, marching bands and companies in the road haulage sector. This expansion has been made possible by the company’s ability to offer tailor-made uniforms, guaranteeing a customised, high-quality service that meets the specific needs of each customer.

By choosing FKgroup’s fully automatic cutting line, Flenghi has revolutionised its internal processes, ensuring optimised, flexible production.

This investment has reaffirmed Flenghi’s position as a leading manufacturer of uniforms in Italy, thanks to its ability to adapt to market needs and maintain excellent quality and service standards.

With its all-round approach, Flenghi makes high-quality uniforms and is committed to providing a complete and customised service.