FKgroup is an advanced industrial group, constantly oriented towards new technologies, able to supply the entire production cycle for the textile industry on the market for over 55 years. FKgroup has two operational offices: in Dalmine and in Osio (Bergamo).

The ultimate goal of the company is the complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the customer and interested parties.

FKgroup is a technological partner for its customers and other interested parties, with the aim of supporting them in the analysis and resolution of any technical problem of their production.

The main objective is to achieve and maintain an optimal standard of quality of the produced machines and for this reason it promotes the adoption of a process-based approach in the development, implementation and improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System.

Flexibility is the characteristic that distinguishes FKgroup for its extreme ability to adapt to the most diverse and sudden market needs, being able to count on the know-how of the staff and the production structure.

In addition, the company considers the sustainability of its products, together with high performance, a fundamental aspect for the success of FKgroup. In recent years, the desire to promote environmental values and the presence of customers who are sensitive to the issue have encouraged the development of new techniques, capable of reducing electricity consumption and CO2 emissions and obtaining the energy certification of its machines.

Achieving standards of excellence in terms of health and safety at work, environmental protection, quality of recovered materials and products, social ethics, social responsibility, respect for human rights and the adoption of anti-corruption and transparency practices and measures is strategically important for FKgroup for the satisfaction of its customers and employees, the community in which it operates, suppliers, etc.

Company values

  • Entrepreneurial passion with direct commitment of the Management in the production processes;
  • Use of adequate resources to satisfy its compliance obligations, defined by current legal provisions and any additional requirements accepted on a voluntary basis;
  • Company organization to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of processes in general;
  • Constant research of new technologies, developing corporate planning and experience, incorporating and anticipating market trends
  • Strong involvement and empowerment of the staff as a fundamental factor in the company success;
  • Attention to the specialization in the market of technical fabrics, constantly improving the quality of the product and of the service offered to the customers and to the interested parties;
  • Sustainable Development;
  • Create safe and healthy places by predicting work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as proactively improving its performances related to health and safety system in the workplace

The Management commits to:

  • Keep under control all the technical and human factors of the organizational structure, whose work influences the quality of the product and the environmental and energy performance of the company;
  • Ensure that the Integrated Management System (considered as organisation, responsibilities, procedures and resources implemented for the company management) is respected and applied at all company levels;
  • Provide adequate resources in terms of means, infrastructure and personnel needed for the activities linked to the Integrated Management System;
  • Periodically review the results of the checks of the Integrated Management System to ensure its adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency over time;
  • Regularly determine, understand and satisfy customer requirements, stakeholder requirements and applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Determine and address risks and opportunities that can influence the company’s business;
  • Achieve results in terms of performance, both for quality and for the environment, and effectiveness of processes;
  • Apply the PDCA methodology
    • Plan: plan, establish the objectives and processes needed to obtain results that comply with the customer’s requirements and the organization’s policies
    • Do: implement the processes
    • Check: monitor and measure the processes and the product created by analysing and comparing the results
    • Act: take actions for continuous improvement
  • Focus on corporate innovation and the reorganization of the company in order to keep up with the times and our competitors, to improve the level of safety and respect for the environment;
  • Guarantee turnover growth through optimization of the processes and improvement of company competitiveness;
  • Monitor and manage company costs and financial support tools through an excellent Management Control of the activity carried out;
  • Invest in research and development;
  • Prioritize the relationships with suppliers and contractors of any external processes who share the same commitments to environmental, ethical and workplace health and safety protection;
  • Continuously improve the management system and its ability to achieve higher environmental performances;
  • Implement economically sustainable efforts in organizational, operational and technological terms to protect the environment and prevent pollution through a correct management of treated and generated waste (identification, storage, initiation of disposal/recovery);
  • Commit daily to reduce the production of greenhouse gases, promoting activities aimed at optimizing and improving the energy efficiency at every stage of the company, trying to comply with all the requirements of national laws;
  • Decarbonisation: in order to contain the increase of global temperature and reduce man-made CO 2 emissions as quickly as possible, the Group has expressly committed itself to improving the current emissions by trying to reach the targets defined by the Climate Agreement of Paris by 2050;
  • Raise awareness among all staff of the correct use of water, avoiding waste and reducing consumption with the aim of persevering it for the next generations.
  • Contribute to improve the air quality and reduce the level of air pollution in the atmosphere, raising awareness among all staff and the supply chain;
  • Improve the responsible management of any chemical substances used in the production process, taking into account their life cycle, including their manipulation;
  • Improve the sustainable management of resources, optimizing the use of raw materials, encouraging their recovery and recycling activities and trying to use natural resources in a way and at a pace that maintains the resilience of the ecosystems: to do this FKgroup commits to rethink the entire implementation process, starting from the phases of planning, design and implementation of the activities in order to best optimize the use of resources and raw materials. FKgroup is also committed to extend this thinking throughout the supply chain.
  • Preserve biodiversity, use of land and deforestation, keeping ecosystems intact, so that flora and fauna are not lost and natural habitats do not suffer irreparable damage.
  • Preserve and not pollute the quality of the soil;
  • Respect noise emissions and not exceed the limits imposed by the acoustic zoning ratio of the area in which the company is located and raise awareness of all stakeholders on the same practice.

To achieve its objectives and reach the targets defined by the Paris climate agreements and become carbon neutral by 2050, the FKgroup is implementing an internal process for the use of renewable resources, focusing on three cornerstones: reduce electricity consumption in an effective and sustainable way by replacing all company light bulbs with low consumption LEDs by 2026; switch to the use of renewable energy sources by immediately aiming at adding photovoltaic panels and offset emissions that currently cannot be avoided.

Fkgroup declares that it doesn’t harm does it harm the welfare of the animals or the conditions in which an animal lives at no stage of its activities.

  • Reduce to “zero” the accident risks connected to the company’s activity for workers and for all people who can access the company (visitors, customers, contracting companies, etc.) in a process aimed at continuous improvement in accordance with D.Lgs. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments;
  • Provide its employees with suitable PPE and carry out controls on the use of the same by all personnel, supported in this process by those in charge: in this context the company also commits to adopt appropriate protection measures (e.g. measures of technical, organizational or personal nature), monitoring and ensuring their observance and constant development;
  • Implement technically possible measures to create a working environment that avoids the onset of occupational diseases, all this in collaboration with the Competent Doctor, RLS and SPP;
  • Carry out adequate maintenance activities on all company machines, systems and equipment in accordance with D.Lgs. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments;
  • Use exclusively CE machinery and equipment and the provisions given by the machinery directive;
  • Continuously improve, through careful design of work environments, the ergonomics of workplaces, thus promoting the adaptation of the workplace to the physical and psychological characteristics of the individual, thus allowing the reduction of the risk of accidents and postural problems and thus increasing comfort and productivity;
  • Correctly carry out evacuation and emergency management tests in accordance with the company emergency plan, based on what is defined by current regulations;
  • Correctly carry out the tests for managing the spill, based on what is defined in the spill instruction;
  • Ensure the protection of work and health and the prevention of fires in the workplace in compliance with national legal regulations and in accordance with the requirements of the company’s compliance management system;
  • Involve and raise awareness of all company staff, at all levels, in the management of issues relating to health and safety at work;
  • Ensure the understanding, application and maintenance at all levels of the company organization of the correct operating procedures, of the instructions for health and safety at work, of the safety regulations in force and of the provisions of the Management;
  • Ensure that workers, at all levels, receive adequate information, education and training and have the needed competence to carry out the tasks entrusted to them as safely as possible;
  • Ensure the implementation of a process for consultation and participation of workers and workers’ representatives;
  • Carry out periodic reviews of the integrated policy and its effectiveness.

In addition to the qualitative requirements, FKgroup has decided to introduce the requirements of Ethical system into the company, compliant with the SA8000:2014  standard based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on ILO documents and other international standards regarding human and labour rights, as well as on national laws, in order to enhance and protect all personnel within the sphere of control and influence of an organisation.

In this regard, FKgroup has decided to embrace and respect some concepts of social ethics including:

  • Non-use of child labour and young workers: prohibition on employing children younger than the legally recognized minimum age to start working. Furthermore, suppliers are expected to ensure that legally employed workers under the age of 18 do not work at night or overtime and that they are protected from working conditions which might be dangerous to their health, safety or development, in accordance with Convention No. 138 of the ILO (International Labor Organization) on the minimum age. The supplier should ensure that the young workers’ job does not interfere with their school attendance. The time young workers dedicate to work and school should not exceed 10 hours.
  • Respect for wages and benefits: FKgroup respects the basic or minimum wage and additional rights owed directly or indirectly by the employer to the worker and deriving from the worker’s employment. FKgroup also commits to ensure that suppliers guarantee their workers remuneration in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices; this remuneration should be sufficient to meet essential needs and allow a dignified standard of living for workers and their families, as well as include compliance with minimum wages, overtime pay, family care leave and state-funded benefits.
  • Respect for working hours, correct management of work wages and non-use of forced labour: FKgroup commits to respect normal working weeks, not exceeding the overtime foreseen by the applied CCNL. Any request for overtime work, always below the legal limits, is voluntary and not forced.
  • Compliance with mandatory requirements regarding health and safety at work;
  • Freedom of association, right to collective bargaining and respect for the personal freedoms of each individual worker: FKgroup respects any right to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association at all levels, in particular in trade unions, political parties and for civic issues, thus implying the right of everyone to form and participate in trade unions for the protection of their interests. This also includes collective bargaining, as a process of negotiation between employers and a group of employees, aimed at reaching an agreement that regulates working conditions.
  • Rejection of any form of modern slavery: Modern slavery refers to all work or services required of any person under threat of any sanction and for which that person has not volunteered. Examples include forced overtime, withholding of identification documents and human trafficking i.e. slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking. FKgroup strongly opposes these forms of modern slavery and is committed to reducing it at a local and global level through important control over suppliers, mapping them and the entire supply chain;
  • Respect for ethical recruitment: FKgroup is committed to hire workers on a regular basis, compliant with international labour standards, in a fair and transparent way that respects that all workers are provided with a regular written contract in a language they well understand which state their rights and responsibilities truthfully and clearly at the start of their recruitment.
  • Non-discrimination: FKgroup combats all forms of discrimination and is committed to use equal treatment for all workers regardless of their particular characteristics, including sex, race, colour, ethnicity or social origin, genetic characteristics, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, belonging to an ethnic minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation.
  • Respect for women’s rights: in FKgroup all women have the right to political, economic and social equality. The company is committed to combat any form of gender inequality and disparity in employment and pay.
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion: FKgroup develops and promotes inclusive cultures where diversity is valued, celebrated and where everyone can fully contribute and reach their maximum potential. FKgroup encourages diversity at all levels of its workforce and management, including boards of directors.
  • Respect and protection of minorities and indigenous peoples: FKgroup respects the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples and local communities to dignified living conditions, education, employment, social activities and the right to free, prior and informed consent to developments that affect them and the lands in which they live, with particular consideration of the presence of vulnerable groups.
  • Protection and respect of land rights, use of forests and water and forced eviction: FKgroup respects land rights, use of forests and water and is committed to avoid forced eviction and deprivation of land, forests and waters in the possible acquisition, development or other use of land, forests and waters.
  • Absolute ban on the use of private or public security forces: FKgroup does not employ or use private or public security forces to protect the business project.

According to the SA8000 standards and especially for the purpose of greater safety of compliance and continuous monitoring of SA8000 performance, the company has also set up a team (Social Performing Team) that periodically reviews and monitors SA8000 performances and makes sure that the social responsibility requirements are respected by the interested parties, proposing to the management actions to be taken to improve the performances.

Every year, with the Review, the Management commits to define new measurable and quantifiable objectives for Social Responsibility, aiming at continuous improvement of its performances. With this in mind, it is relevant to emphasize the importance of the active involvement of staff, suppliers and other stakeholders in the formulation of proposals and ideas for improvement and in the implementation of the System through communication, training and awareness-raising activities on Social Responsibility issues. Marino Belotti guarantees the documentation, implementation and preservation of the information and results of the Social Responsibility Management System, ensuring its accessibility and availability to all interested parties who wish to see it.

Here below the contacts to send SA8000 notifications:

Via Friuli, 21 – Dalmine (Bg)
Reporting form via portal on the company website

Via Filippo Turati, 70
20023 Cerro Maggiore (MI)
Tel. 0331 541488 – Fax: 0331478854

SAAS – Social Accountability
Accreditation Service
15 West 44th Street 6th fl.
NY 10036 New York
Tel. (212) 684-1414
Fax: (212) 684-1515

FKgroup has also fulfilled its formal commitment to:

  • Avoid any form of corruption at any level and strongly combat any form of abuse of power that could lead to financial and non-financial advantages;
  • Respect and protect personal data and an individual’s right to make their own decisions about who can process their data and for what purpose. FKgroup also commits to protect and safeguard such data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its life cycle. The collection, storage, processing or other use of personal data are subject to the consent of the interested party or are carried out on the basis of contractual agreements or legal provisions.
  • Respect the concept of financial responsibility: FKgroup takes the task and responsibility to accurately record, maintain and report commercial documentation including, without limitation, financial accounting, quality reports, time summaries, expense reports and submissions to customers or regulatory authorities where needed. Books and records are kept in accordance with applicable law and generally accepted accounting standards.
  • Compliance with the prohibition on disclosure of information: FKgroup assumes responsibility for disclosing financial and non-financial information in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices and, where applicable, disclosing information relating to its workforce, related practices health and safety, environmental practices, business activities, financial situation and performance.
  • Promote fair competition, anti-trust and avoid conflict of interest: FKgroup complies with the rules of fair trade and competition including, without limitation, avoiding business practices that unlawfully impede competition; incorrect exchange of competitive information; and pricing, bid manipulation, or unfair market allocation.
  • Not use counterfeit spare parts: FKgroup has developed, has implemented and maintains active internal control procedures on products and services to minimize the risk of introducing counterfeit spare parts and materials into the products to be delivered. FKgroup has established effective processes to detect counterfeit parts and materials and, if discovered, isolate the materials and notify the original parts manufacturing customer and/or enforce the law as required. Finally, FKgroup confirms that any sales to non-OEM customers comply with local laws and that the products sold are used legally.
  • Respect for the intellectual property of inventions by FKgroup; literary and artistic works; projects; and symbols, names and images, patents, copyrights and trademarks used in commerce.
  • Export Controls and Economic Sanctions: FKgroup complies with limitations on exports or re-exports of goods, software, services and technology, as well as restrictions applicable to trade involving certain countries, regions, companies or entities and individuals.
  • Protection for anyone who has reported (anonymously or otherwise) a suspicion of wrongdoing that involves a significant risk or who has cooperated with a duly authorized audit or investigation into a report of wrongdoing to avoid retaliation.

The company policy is supported and spread by the Company Management through the establishment of a team made up of all the function Managers who, through periodic and systematic meetings, pursues the objectives set out above, including the one of identifying and implementing all the appropriate actions for continuous improvement of company performance in terms of product and service quality, environmental and energy.

Dalmine,  13/06/2024

President and CEO