FKgroup, the best Technological Partner

Aim high to achieve excellence in service and customised solutions!

FKgroup not only supplies machines, but it is the best Technological Partner, helping customers to solve any production problem. Able to install all over the world more than 3.000 Spreading machines, Cutting systems and CAD Software.

FKgroup can guarantee to customers a very high quality level after sales service. An expert and internal R&D can valuate customized projects, according to the single and unique requests; the well-organized and specialized manufacturing can produce and test all the equipment in a very short lead-time.

FKgroup counts on a selected and well-trained network of distributors, always close to the customers in case of need or urgencies.


Our philosophy can be pointed out in a few fundamental coordinates:

  • Improving the quality of life for individuals and companies, translating the needs and desires of customers in projects and products with the highest profile;
  • Offer to the public the “first choice” of the best companies in the marketplace;
  • Ensure a tailor made service from design to installation and cutomer care.

Whoever chooses FKgroup is confident that the environment around him is automated. It is a choice of value that is renewed time after time.

Italian Style

Project Center

When you look at the quality of manufacturing processes, the ideal model of FKgroup is its tradition, its connection with the historic artisan laboratories.

But when you look at the customer satisfaction, FKgroup keeps his eyes well focused on both the present and future.

In this sense, it is ready to put its expertise at the disposal because every single project is a result of teamwork and this is fundamental for its success.

Structure and Network

A strategic position in the heart of the “Made in Italy”. Numerous partnerships with companies and professionals active all over the world. The capillarity of logistics organization that has no competitors.

From every point of view, FKgroup is configured as a network able to provide “tailored” solutions for every need, with an assortment and faultless service in every situation and at every latitude. A plus starting from the “first contact” with the client: a sale network able to pick up trends and market needs, to build confidence and competence in every context.


Those who choose FKgroup not only choose planning contents made to last. Those who choose FKgroup choose a philosophy of life based on a total quality, where the most important value is the customer satisfaction. In this sense FKgroup provides the public with a complete range of tools made to ensure professionalism at 360° before and after delivery.

Innovation and Technology at the Service of Design

Custom Built

Since its origins FKgroup has always proved to be not just a supplier, but a reliable and creative partner to develop your cutting room.

The ad hoc design, the custom built and customization are just some of the keywords that identify the group which thanks to a team of professionals attentive to every details is able to satisfy your requirement.

Whatever your production and the size of your space, FKgroup is able to come up with the best “made to measure” solution for its customers.


The group considers the sustainability of its products, together with high performance, a key aspect for the success of FKgroup. The desire to promote environmental values and the presence of customers sensitive to the issue, has led in recent years to develop new techniques to reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions

Certification uni en iso 9001-2015

Quality Policy

The company establishes as the ultimate goal of its activity the complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the customer. The main objective is to achieve and maintain an optimal quality standard of the machines, through the implementation of a Quality Management System, as a matter of fact FKgroup is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Dust Filtration System

The machines adopt a filtering system equipped with two filters and three stages, derived from automotive, which lead us to an efficiency of 99.8% by certifying ISO 5011, so operators can safely work without using masks in a healthy environment.

A committed partner

Thanks to an efficient logistics and capillary network, the quality of FKgroup’s products and services knows no boundaries.

The Group offers a tailored service, made up of people who will follow you during the entire process until the final delivery, with subsequent installation.

In Italy, but also abroad, you can count on a committed partner able to offer a transport service of any type and in any place, by air, by sea and by land. Taking care of our clients satisfaction is our top priority.


We speak your language

The customer service is the flagship of the company, with a guarantee that accompanies every single item. Because every product marked FKgroup is made to last, as the services it offers.

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