FKgroup: setting sail for precision and innovation in marine & nautical fabric cutting

Thanks to their high-performance characteristics, composite materials are used extensively in the marine sector, but their use requires special precautions in the production of hulls, decks and boat superstructures.

One of the stages that determines the result is definitely the cutting process, the companies involved must set up the cutting room following some tricks to achieve satisfactory results in terms of both product quality and cost-effectiveness in the realm of cutting nautical fabric.

What features should a cutting room for the marine sector have?

• Versatility: possibility of cutting different types of material with different weights

• Flexibility: adaptability to more or less intense production volumes

• Speed: to reduce the process time in cutting nautical fabric. Multilayer cutting can greatly help to reduce the time required, as long as it does not overstress the tissue

• Precision: each cut must be calibrated and ensure millimetric accuracy

• Different types of blades: any good cutting room must have a wide variety of blades, perhaps even tailored to each specific project

• Temperature control: the machines must be equipped with systems that allow the cold cutting of nautical fabric, which is indispensable when cutting prepregs that risk polymerising when the temperature rises.

Automatic cutting or manual cutting for nautical fabric?

In addition to speed, automatic cutting systems dedicated to nautical fabric offer two important advantages: the first is the possibility of reducing waste by 15-20% by eliminating the inevitable errors in the automatic process. The second is the repeatability of the part, in fact automatic cutting machines ensure that fabrics are cut to exactly the same size, which is impossible with manual cutting; this greatly improves the final quality of the product.


A technological partner

Founded in 1961, FKgroup has evolved into a global reference point for cutting room analysis, design, and automation, particularly in the realm of cutting nautical fabrics. Boasting more than 60 years of history, the company has become a true technological partner, offering over 150 models and products to a worldwide clientele, with a network of 500 employees and collaborators ensuring its continued success.

FKgroup transcends the role of a mere machine supplier; it is a true technological partner committed to helping customers overcome production challenges.

With a track record of installing over 10,000 Spreading machines, Cutting systems, and CAD Software worldwide, the company stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the industry. The commitment extends to a robust after-sales service, ensuring a consistently high level of quality for customers globally.

FKgroup’s in-house Research and Development unit excels in handling tailored projects, providing precise solutions for cutting nautical fabric. With an efficient manufacturing process, we swiftly deliver and test equipment to meet tight deadlines. Our strategically positioned and well-trained global distributor network guarantees timely support for urgent requirements.

Cutting-Edge solutions for nautical and marine fabrics

At FKgroup, the focus on precision extends to cutting all types of fabrics, including delicate and high-tech materials used in demanding sectors like aerospace, aeronautics and automotive. Specialized in the composite materials and fabrics for marine and nautical use, FKgroup’s cutting machines excel in shearing fibreglass or carbon fibre reinforcement fabrics, even in multiple layers.

The versatility of these cutting machines extends to biaxial or multiaxial fibreglass and carbon fibre mats of varying weights, FKgroup’s machines demonstrate their ability to handle technically complex materials. Moreover, FKgroup stands proud with its certifications, including ISO 9001, Green Label for Sustainable Machinery Certification, and ISO 5011. In addition to producing machinery certified by TÜV SÜD Italia with IDCL of 100 and 95, FKgroup has created with this independent certification body MEP – Machine Energy Protocol. These certifications underscore the company’s dedication to quality, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency in its operations.

Precision in marine and nautical fabric cutting

FKgroup’s cutting machines for nautical fabrics are specifically engineered to flawlessly cut complex and demanding materials used for boat and yacht cushions. Engineered for complex materials like PVC eco-leather, Teflon-treated alcantara, polyurethane, and varying-density polyester, our machines ensure millimetric accuracy. Ideal for luxury industry fabrics demanding meticulous hand-sewing, FKgroup’s cutting machines are tailored to meet the challenges of working with these demanding materials.

Revolutionizing the cutting room worldwide

As a true partner, FKgroup goes beyond providing machines; it collaborates with customers to identify and design tailor-made solutions, revolutionizing cutting rooms across the globe. FKgroup has become synonymous with quality and innovation.

One of their flagship systems and specifically designed for cutting nautical fabrics and composite materials, Tecno Freccia, an automatic conveyor cutting system, excels in precision and efficiency, also in multiple layers. Suitable for large boatyards and subcontractors specializing in composite material lamination, Tecno Freccia handles multi-axial mats and fabrics with finesse, setting new standards in precision and efficiency.

A proven transformative impact

FKgroup’s commitment to excellence is exemplified by two compelling success stories in cutting nautical fabrics.

The purchase of a cutting machine for nautical fabric from FKgroup transformed a well-known Italian company, specialising in ship upholstery since 1981. The company has seen production accelerate, accuracy increase and the overall process improve. Today, with more than 40 years of experience, the company has become a benchmark for standard and custom-made boat upholstery, highlighting FKgroup’s impactful technology.

A leading Italian manufacturer of fibreglass and carbon fibre components for the marine industry, has responded to the market’s increased demand for finished boats by investing in FKgroup’s fabric cutting machine. The introduction of advanced technology has reduced production costs and improved the efficiency of the cutting process.

FKgroup’s six-decade journey testifies to its commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction in the marine fabric cutting industry. With a legacy of technological prowess, a global presence and an unwavering dedication to quality, FKgroup continues to shape the future of precision marine cutting, leaving an indelible mark on the industry through transformative success stories.