Feeding Cradle

Feeding cradle with a unique design,with multiple feeding possibilities such as:

1. feeding through tension detection bar, during fabric advancement to the Cutter;
2. feeding through electronic signal, from cutting conveyor movement;
3. feeding through encoder synchronizing feeding cradle and cutting machine;
4. feeding through a mix the signals above.

Tension free feeding control for all materials; from Lycra to Carbon fibre, Denim, Kevlar etc.

  • Digitally adjustable speed acceleration and deceleration control;
  • Automatic electronic control of fabric tension;
  • Brushless main motors or variable speed motors;
  • Cradle with alternate belts for rolls of Ø 50cm, up to 100cm as optional, and max weight 100kg.
  • Selvage alignment with infra-red technology;
  • Automatic stop of end fabric.

Key points: oscillating cradle; optical alignment; tension detection bar; tension adjustment; feeding alignment; all functions are automatic but also manually interactive.

Technical data

Working width (cm) 180 200 220
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 90 x 240 x 100 90 x 260 x 100 90 x 280 x 100
Weight (Kg) 125 130 135
Installed Power (kW) 1 1 1
Average Consumption (kW) 1 1 1
Power supply Tension Three phase 220 – 380 V±10% 50-60 Hz
Rolls maximum diameter (cm) 50 cm standard and till 100 cm optional
Rolls maximum weight (Kg) 100 kg
Maximum spreading speed (mt/min) 0-85

Narrower or wider working widths are available subject to technical approval. With the aim of improving its machinery FKgroup reserve the right to change the technical characteristics without prior notice.

Control panel allowing any actions in order to feed, rewind, stop, start, align, etc.

Rear view loading area.

Tension detection bar and belts with grip.

Optical alignment.