Handmade models including notes and photos had to be transported in CAD in a SQL or ORACLE database, but ergonomics in the workplace had also to be taken into account; for these reasons we have imagined a new way of digitizing the shapes created by the model maker by hand, making them now accessible in a virtual window: The result was “EVODIGIT”, the professional product that lightens and speeds up digitization while increasing work precision.

In place of the model maker’s work table, we provide a special 130 x 84 cm surface (there are no dimension limits) and a reflex camera, supported by the new generation software “Vect 2 Standard” specialized for 2D digitization and archiving of full-scale images. Very quickly, our system allows to arrange and flatten the pieces, then photograph the plan, follow the processing of the image of the pieces for any rapid corrections or changes, and proceed to export the DXF-AAMA file to any Cad system.


After having resolved this request relating to the input of the models, our customers have solicited a solution also for the associations between the models and the fabrics, fabrics increasingly characterized by designs, panels, images and motifs that bind to each individual piece of any model. For this reason we have created the “Vect 2 ADV” advance plug-in in addition to the standard “Vect 2 STD”. In fact, with the complete package, you can digitize the patterns and photograph the full-scale fabrics, create markers on the image of the fabric, reference contours to be associated with the piece in vector format and full-scale images to be sent to the most popular marker programs.

If the models are already present in the CAD and jpg file of the fabric are already available, it is sufficient to purchase only the complete software without hardware.


Purpose: digitization of paper patterns.
Software: Vect.
Hardware: table with camera.


Purpose: digitization of paper patterns and full-scale fabric photography (combined with the table), creation of markers on fabric images; Creation of full-scale images to be imported on the most popular marker programs; Creation of reference contours to be associated with the piece in vector format or possibility to manage images.
Software: Vect 2 standard with Vect 2 Advance plug in.
Hardware: table with camera (optional if there is no need to acquire the patterns and it is possible to have the jpg file of the fabric).

Placed on fabric.

Application of size development to the reference image.

Example of printing on FK 2 XAAR plotter.


ARC support – Augmented Reality Camera:
Possibility to associate an image to the piece without having to digitize it, but displaying it directly on the FK Autocutter.