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The plotter VEGA is a combination of technology, desing and reliability offering to customer a simple, easy-to-use, high-performing, plug & play and “low-maintenance” plotter unique on the market.
Thanks to an ergonomic study, the machine is more stable and more solid, rendering a secure and user-friendly product.
As an entry-level product, it offers a printing speed from 65 to 130 sm/h. Besides being compatible with the most recent Windows systems, VEGA is able to print 24/24h, granting almost complete silence, in compliance with EU Directive 2003/10 about noise pollution.
Available with 2 HP heads.

Model: VEGA 2HP.180CM VEGA 2HP.220CM
Printing width: 183 cm 222 cm
Speed: 65 m2/h 70 m2/h
Dimensions: 253 x 101 x 59,5 cm 293 x 101 x 59,5 cm
Weight: 125 kg 135 kg
Printing resolution: 300 dpi HP inkjet compatible
Power supply: 115 V – 220 V
Power consumption: < 100 W
Paper grammage: Da 20 a 70 g/cm3
Max paper roll weight: 40 kg
Max paper roll diameter: 30 cm
Format file: HPGL/HPGL2/ISO
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