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The plotter TUNE is the top level of the “professional” family, characterized by the innovative engineering, design and technical solutions.
It offers a non-stop printing (24/24h) without the presence of the operator, also for the night work phase, plug & play, paper take-up system on an ultra light aluminium tube with patented spring release spool, free paper system, and with “woman friendly” system and auto-locking cones.
It’s provided with an electronic end of paper control and warning, with automatic electronic shut down in case of paper jam and motorized paper tensioning system.
The printing speed is 160mq/h always at a constant speed because not influenced by marker density, shapes and sizes of the patterns or by the by the amount of annotations and symbols present.
The marker density is chosen by the operator offering a double graphic resolution to differentiate the markers quality.
It is equipped with an auto-installing software driver, chronologic printing log and electronic ink level control. Available with 4 HP heads.

Model: TUNE 4HP.180CM TUNE 4HP.220CM
Printing width: 180 cm 222 cm
Speed: 150 m2/h 160 m2/h
Dimensions: 272 x 114 x 40,5 cm 312 x 114 x 40,5 cm
Weight: 114 kg 128 kg
Printing resolution: Disposable hp or hp compatible cartridges
Power supply: 100- 280 V
Power consumption: 100 W
Working temperature: 10°-40° C
Max paper roll weight: 40 kg
Paper quality: Normal, recycled, thermal adhesive
Format file: HPGL/HPGL2/ISO/DXF
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