Laser Projector


Sometimes drawings in markers do not correspond with fabric’s patterns or fall on fabric defects.

The solution is: LASER PROJECTOR

Laser projection helps cutting fabrics precisely where patterns need to be by allowing piece re-positioning in respect of fabric lines, checks or stripes. It allows to leave fabric’s tensions untouched and avoid any deformation later on; it is also a suitable solution to avoid any defect on the material on single ply cutting. Hence, there is a great advantage in term of time saving during the preparation’s work and final result.

Thanks to the numerous functions included in the easy and streamlined interface, it is possible to project notches, internal edges or any other reference point added by CAD, to project single or multiple drawings, auto calibrate by following a simple step-by-step procedure making it easy to view.

By following some quick steps as viewing of the ISO file projected by Laser and the repositioning of the required drawings by a touchscreen tablet or a wireless mouse, the projection of the pattern on the fabric is shown in real time, consequently the final result is immediately visualised.

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