Inkjet Plotter FKX

Inkjet Plotter FKX

FKX brings the unmistakable FKgroup quality to the highest point of excellence. Innovation and design come together in a reliable and powerful body, with an exclusive and attractive aesthetic: FKX combines the guarantee of an even more satisfactory result with a unique user experience in the sector.

FKX is the fastest HP plotter on the market: reliable, powerful, innovative. With more powerful and precise free paper feed, thanks to the new integrated fan system.

FKX embodies the efficiency of a consolidated technology in a professional and smart plotter, which exploits the best of technical innovation: maximum fluidity and quietness, unprecedented printing speed, increased connection capacity, new free paper feed system.

FKX is at the forefront of standalone plotters, equipped with an integrated display for management and diagnostics in real time.

Inkjet Plotter FKX


Head Dimension Speed Paper unloading
2 HP 180 cm ≤ 95 m2/h Bar or Free paper
2 HP 220 cm ≤ 100 m2/h Bar or Free paper
4 HP 180 cm ≤ 180 m2/h Bar or Free paper
4 HP 220 cm ≤ 190 m2/h Bar or Free paper

ACCESSORIES: double front and motorised paper loading roll.

Inkjet Plotter FKX display

DISPLAY: integrated, maximum ergonomics.

Inkjet Plotter FKX Printing Head Carriage

Printing Head Carriage: Autonomous, fluid, innovative quadruple guide.

Inkjet Plotter FKX PINCH ROLL

PINCH ROLL: new system, no need for brakes.

Inkjet Plotter FKX double reel

(Optional) Quick loading FLEXIBILITY: double reel.

Inkjet Plotter FKX
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