Garment spreading machine


Creating High Quality Fabrics with a Garment Spreading Machine

Making fabric that is of high quality can take time, effort and involve expensive labor.

The garment spreading machine can therefore be an essential step in the stages of garment production, because it facilitates creation and helps achieve every creator’s ultimate goal of obtaining a high quality product.

Our machines are efficient, cost-effective and technologically advanced to help produce various types of fabrics for different purposes.

FKgroup has specialized in creating high quality textile production machines for producers around the world for many years.

Our garment spreading machine is innovative, modern and designed to fulfill your textile production needs.

This machine can either be used as a basic fabric spreading device, or one that is fully programmed to automatically fit into your production process and provide you with an end product more quickly.

The machine is designed to allow for fast roll changes and easy programming that can be effectively controlled from a remote computer device.

This machine allows you to easily compete with today’s fast-paced textile industry while maintaining the high and reputable quality of your textile.

The garment spreading machine is mechanically impressive and advanced, yet designed to be used by everyday textile workers.

Therefore, the machine saves textile producers the costs of hiring specialized technicians to help use the product professionally. This machine is essential to the production of every textile company.

We also provide various services after the purchase of our machines, to ensure customers’ full satisfaction of our machines.

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