Garment cutting machine


Precision and accuracy are the main factors when it comes to cutting fabric to create stylish and beautiful garments.

A garment cutting machine not only ensures that each piece is exactly as it should be, it lowers waste and cuts cost in the process.

No more mistakes and human errors, when cutting with a machine, every cut is precise and contained.

Furthermore, the machine is easy to operate and can increase production levels thanks to the far lower time it takes for every piece to be cut.

Create fashionable and exquisite garments in less time
If your company specialises in creating beautifully made, high fashion pieces that will be enjoyed by men or women all over the world, then you will already understand many of the benefits that the right garment cutting machine can bring to your production line.

With computerised settings, automatic feed and precision cutting, you can be assured of a far greater level of control.

Any type of fabric can be cut, from thick, rich wool blends to delicate silks and chiffon and crisp, fine cotton. Unlike other methods of cutting, the fabric is spread flat and accurately, with no wrinkling to mar lines.

Your exact pattern and layout will be adhered to as the garment is cut precisely as you intended.

No mistakes, no waste and completely safe. Cost effective and highly efficient, you can programme your machine to feed the fabric automatically to cut as many pieces as you wish to exactly the same specifications.

Safe and clean, a garment cutting machine gives a clear, precise cut with no fraying, and is the ideal way to ensure that each and every piece of clothing that you make is of the highest standards possible.

A great garment starts with a great pattern and the perfect cut.
In these busy times, craftsmanship is revered and your machine will allow you to enjoy the type of finish that would take a skilled craftsman many hours to create. Add the lower power consumption that is a feature of all FK Group machines and not only do you have the cutting machine you always wanted, you have environmentally friendly solution that is so important in these times.

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