Garment CAD system

FK Group Garment CAD System

The FK Group Garment CAD System

FK Group has been leaders in garment CAD system development for the fashion industry for over twenty years and in cutting technology for over fifty.

This is why their systems are considered an industry standard and why top designers use this technology to bring their ideas to the catwalk.

FK Group is renowned for delivering a comprehensive package of CAD solutions to complement the designer’s skill.

The software can assist in planning, designing, cutting and managing the whole process.

With the FK Group’s efficient and cost-effective cutting machines to complement their CAD systems, the designer has a comprehensive set of tools at their disposal to bring their ideas to fruition.

It is about creating the ultimate synergy of designer and technology to produce great products in the most effective and cost efficient way.

Making Technology Work

Assisting great designers in the making of great garments, which is an art in itself, is something that the FK Group takes a great deal of pride in.

The group has a fantastic track record of providing software and equipment to make the art of the design into an easy and productive process.

The garment CAD system dovetails into many industry standard systems thus making the designer’s life easier and ensuring maximum flexibility for all users.

The garment CAD system is about turning dreams into reality and it’s why great designers like Francesco Scognamiglio use it. It is why today it is being used to design products in high fashion, textiles, furniture and automotive industries.

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