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The FK Group garment CAD software will provide designers with a total range of software solutions which include the latest generation technology, dedicated to the fashion, textile and high-tech composite material industries.

This software in tandem with the 50 years of experience that FK Group brings will provide innovative and cost-effective design solutions.

The software has been designed with customers in mind as FK Group is committed to listening to our clients and delivering what they need.

This has produced FKad Software; the latest word in garment CAD software which is designed to turn design dreams into a reality.

As FK Group makes a virtue of listening to customers the software is compatible with most existing systems and of course it dovetails brilliantly with FK Groups existing plotting and cutting equipment.

This allows designers the opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition with state of the art systems designed for cost effective design solutions.

Fifty Years of Excellence
The garment CAD software that FK Group creates is all about customer focused solutions that are both easy to use and integrate into customer’s existing systems.

The systems is very flexible and can accommodate the needs of high fashion as well as industrial fabrication processes.

This means that as well as top designers such as Francesco Scognamiglio FKad Software, the automotive, home design and furniture industries have benefited from it to.

It is adaptable and cost effective and comes with a customer service package that gives peace of mind and allows customers access to the expertise of the FK Group and its decades of experience in the industry.

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