The pursuit of an automatic fabric-cutting system capable of exceptional performance even with the most complex materials led Isol 2G to contact FKgroup.

Thanks to this partnership, it was possible to design a cutting machine that fulfils all the company’s needs for cutting insulation materials.

The highly customized solution was able to boost the company’s production, both in terms of quantity and quality.

A Made in Italy excellence 

Isol 2G was founded in 2010 in the province of Bergamo, Italy, from the long expertise of its founders in civil and industrial insulation. 

Initially focused on the identification and selection of the best insulation materials for industry and construction on the European market, it currently boasts a highly diversified portfolio of products and services.

Today, it represents a reference for industrial and civil insulation, construction, and fumigation. 

It also specialized in the production and distribution of insulation materials for the construction and industrial sectors.

Over the years, it has matured from a small local industrial reality into an established top company, able to work alongside its clients in each project phase, from the preliminary study to the supply of the most suitable materials.

Its solutions make it possible to guarantee the best standards in terms of energy savings, emission control, and personal protection in a temperature range of -196° to +1200°. 

It has always worked with first-rate, cutting-edge materials, including but not limited to rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane, and glass fiber.

The wide variety of materials, densities and cutting needs prompted them to contact various parties in search of a suitable automatic fabric-cutting system.

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The choice of FKgroup 

The preference was no accident since FKgroup‘s corporate philosophy positioned the group not only as a leading manufacturer of cutting machines and accessories but also as a partner capable of supporting its customers in identifying and designing the best solutions for their needs.

Analysing the specific necessities of Isol 2G and working side by side, FK designed and developed a new, highly customized automatic fabric-cutting system. This machine, which has been serving Isol 2G since April 2022, features an automatic spreader and a static cutting machine capable of processing all materials, even the most complex and hardest.

These include fiberglass, rubber, rock wool with different densities (up to 90-100 kg), and, thanks to a specific blade, even carbon fiber.

Quantity and quality, with an automatic system for cutting FK fabrics

Thanks to the partnership between Isol 2G and FKgroup, a reference for analysis, design, and automation in the cutting room, it was possible to create an innovative automatic system for cutting fabrics capable of improving production in terms of quality and quantity.

The device makes it possible to spread materials directly on the cutting table with accurate collimation increasing the cut quality. In addition, the cutting machine can also work in multi-ply, a characteristic allowing Isol 2G to increase its cutting capacity.

Production speed has also improved thanks to customized dies with different diameters that can work simultaneously. These ensure that Isol 2G can cut hard multi-ply materials even with different diameters’ holes within the design.

A partnership destined to last

The choice of an automatic fabric-cutting system by FKgroup has enabled Isol 2G to cope with production requirements that are particularly complex due to the variety in its portfolio. It also enabled the Italian company to enhance cutting quality and quantity. 

As pointed out by Isol 2G itself, FKgroup has answered the company’s needs with extreme attention to detail and the ability to bring to life tailor-made solutions both in terms of machines and blades, and accessories.