FKgroup, with its solutions dedicated to automatic fabric cutting, among others, is a partner of FIAM Srl, a company born from Francesco and Ennio Favagrossa‘s passion for functional, practical and timeless design.

For over forty years, Fiam has been manufacturing items that combine a passion for design with pragmatism and effectiveness, starting with the classic folding garden deckchair.

The outdoor furniture and supply firm based in Ghedi, Italy, is an outstanding example of a successful company.

Today, this all-Italian excellence boasts a strong international presence, not only in the field of furniture, but also as a partner of film agencies and some of the most important museums around the world.

Among them, FIAM has a strong presence at the MoMA Design Store in New York, which decided to include the legendary ‘Spaghetti’ chair in its exhibition.

Like many FIAM products, this model is made with an aluminum structure, while the anatomical backrest is made of hand-woven PVC cord.

The use of materials such as PVC and other technical fabrics that are particularly difficult to cut is one of the reasons why the company opted for an FKgroup automatic fabric cutting machine.

FIAM and the FKgroup automatic fabric cutting machine: a choice driven (also) by the need of flexibility!

As Roberto Gatti – Managing Director of FIAM – points out, the choice of an FKgroup automatic fabric cutting machine was no coincidence.

In fact, most of the products manufactured by FIAM are made of metal and of very tough technical fabrics, such as PVC.

These are particularly difficult to cut, both because they require significant mattress heights and because they suffer from a particularly low melting point.

An automatic fabric cutting machine, therefore, must be extremely flexible to be able to cut without imperfections.

Moreover, FIAM also has further requirements to meet, which made the choice of an FKgroup automatic fabric cutting machine virtually compulsory.

First and foremost, the need to standardize the CAD, drafting, and cutting phases in a single platform.

In addition, FIAM was looking for an easy-to-use solution with an outstanding after-sales support that does not slow down production, especially at peak times.

These reasons are what led the company, after careful consideration, to choose to purchase a complete solution, equipped with CAD platform, FKgroup’s automatic fabric drafting and cutting system.

A choice that proved to be successful.

The chosen solution offers extreme flexibility and can guarantee exceptional results even with sturdy or delicate fabrics.

It was hence possible to ensure the exceptional quality of FIAM’s products, which are designed to last and offer a top-level user experience.

This machine is also very easy to use and can be interconnected via 4.0 technology, allowing a direct and remote connection to FKgroup customer service, among others, in order to avoid production stoppages.

Thanks to the characteristics of the automatic fabric cutting machine and their excellent customer service, FIAM Srl and FKgroup have created a technical and commercial synergy, 100% Made in Italy, that is destined to last.