Fabric spreading machine


Whether you’re creating high fashion garments, or whether you’re making textiles for the home or working with heavy duty materials to create camping equipment or sails for luxury yachts, the benefits of a fabric spreading machine are without a doubt, vital to your business in many ways.

The benefits of the right fabric spreading machine

The first step in the creation of anything made from material is spreading it out in preparation for cutting.

Not only does this provide your working surface, it can also increase the quality of the finish as perfectly spread fabric ensures that a smooth, sleek finish is achieved.

A fabric spreading machine is also vital to precise cutting.

One tiny fold or wrinkle and your material will be off bias and you won’t get the beautiful finish you seek if you’re creating haute couture pieces for the fashion industry. From a cushion cover to a ballgown, fabric spreading that is undertaken correctly ensures a precise and unique surface from which the first vital steps are taken.

The right equipment for you

FK Group have many years of experience in fabric spreading and since 1981 have been the unrivalled world leader when it comes to spreading machines.

Our eco friendly technology allows you to create the pieces you want while operating at a reduced power level, in keeping with environmentally friendly practises that are so important to industry in this day and age. Spreading accurately through an automatic feed, controlled by the latest technology and software not only ensures you the very best finish, it can also save you money.

With lower consumption of power and less waste through mistakes, your fabric spreading machine will soon pay for itself.

Production levels will rise as times after time, each piece is cut exactly to specifications and measurements with no loss or waste through error.

Make an investment in a better future for your company with a fabric spreading machine to enjoy far wider benefits than you can imagine.

Safe and easy to operate, you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference you can make to you company and its future output.

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