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The Wonder That Is A Fabric Plotter Cutter

If you want to cut fabric according to a predetermined design and want to do it with the utmost accuracy, you need a fabric plotter cutter. Since the whole process is mechanised, you can get the work done quickly and smoothly, with no room for error at all. As there is no trial and error method involved in the process, the amount of fabric wastage is absolutely zero too.

The working of a fabric plotter

A fabric plotter cutter makes use of knives to cut a piece of fabric which is placed on the flat surface of a plotter. The whole device is linked to a computer equipped with special software programs that aid in the drawing and cutting of designs. This software sends the predetermined cutting dimensions as well as designs as a set of instructions to the cutting knives. Such tools precisely cut the fabric designs as desired by you, and repeats the process identically as many times as necessary.

The vacuum cutting table

An ordinary cutter makes use of roll-fed or sheet-fed plotters which is not the case with your fabric plotter. Such a cutter is unable to cut into porous or rigid materials like textiles, leather or foam. Instead, a fabric plotter cutter is in effect a static cutting table equipped with strategically drilled minute air holes all over the surface. A system of vacuum suction is built-in directly beneath tabletop. This system secures the fabric in place, when the cutting knife moves along, to make the necessary cuts.

The cutting process

After placing the material on the table, a coversheet of either paper or plastic is laid over the fabric to be cut. Then you turn on the vacuum pump that comes as a part of your fabric plotter cutter. While the vacuum enables the fabric to stay secure between the paper/plastic sheet and the tabletop, the knife moves along, controlled by the computer, to make the necessary cuts.

There is a whole series of fabric plotter clutter available in the market to suit all requirements and price tags. Choosing one does not pose any difficult and once you do, you can remove all the headaches connected with cutting fabric manually, at one stroke.

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