FKgroup is an up-to-date industrial company, constantly oriented to new technologies and able to provide the entire productive cycle for Textile companies present on the market for over 55 years.
The two operational headquarters of FKgroup are in Dalmine and Osio in the province of Bergamo.

The company sets the ultimate goal of its business to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of customers and interested parties.

FKgroup is a technological partner for its customers and interested third parties, with the aim to support them during analysis and solution of any technical problem in their production.

The main objective is to achieve and maintain an optimal quality standard of the machines built, for this reason it promotes the adoption of a process approach in the development, implementation and improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Flexibility is the characteristic that distinguish FKgroup for the extreme ability to adapt to the most varied and sudden market needs, relying on staff knowhow and production structure.

In addition, the company considers the sustainability of its products, together with its high performance, a key factor in the success of FKgroup. The desire to promote environmental values and the presence of sensitive customers on this subject, has promoted, in recent years, the development of new techniques able to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions and obtaining the energy certification for its machines.

Corporate Values

  • Entrepreneurial passion with direct Management commitment in the production processes;
  • Company organisation to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of processes in general;
  • Constant research of new technologies by developing design and company experience by incorporating and anticipating market trends;
  • Strong involvement and empowerment of personnel as a key factor of business success;
  • Awareness of specialisation in the technical textile market by constantly improving the product quality and services to the whole and all the stakeholders;
  • Sustainable Development.

The Management undertakes to:

  • keep under control all the technical and human factors of the aforementioned organizational structure, whose work influences the quality of the product and the environmental and energy performance of the company;
  • ensure that the Quality Management System (understood as organisation, responsibility, procedures and resources implemented for company management) is respected and applied to all business levels;
  • provide adequate resources in terms of means, infrastructures and personnel required for activities linked to the Quality Management System;
  • periodically review the results of the Quality Management System audits to ensure its adequacy, effectiveness and time efficiency;
  • determine, understand and meet customer requirements, stakeholder requirements and applicable binding requirements;
  • determine and deal with risks and opportunities that may affect the company’s business;
  • achieve results in terms of performance, both for quality and for the environment, and for the processes effectiveness;
  • apply the PDCA methodology
    • Plan: plan, set the goals and processes required to achieve results that meet customer requirements and organization policies;
    • Do: implement the processes;
    • Check: monitor and measure processes and product by analysing and comparing the results;
    • Act: introduce actions for continuous improvement.
  • focus on corporate innovation and company reorganization in order to keep up with the times and our competitors, to improve the level of safety and respect for the environment;
  • guarantee the growth of turnover through the optimization of processes and the improvement of company competitiveness;
  • monitor and manage company costs and financial support tools through excellent Management Control of the activity carried out;
  • invest in research and development.

The company policy is supported and disseminated by the Company Management through the establishment of a team made up of all the Function Managers who, through periodic and systematic meetings, pursue the objectives set out above, including that of identifying and implementing all suitable actions for a continuous improvement of company performance in terms of product and service quality, environmental and energy.

Dalmine, il 14/01/2020

The Management

Flavio Cattini (President) – Sergio Gori (CEO)