Digitizer D A0 – D A00


• USB Socket;
• Compatible with other Digitizers;
• Can store at least 3 different types of settings;
• Resolution can reach 2540LPI;
• Flexible setting of parameters;
• Parameters can be set from both computer and
digitizer itself.

D A0 and D A00 are a high performance digitizers well suited for CAD, as well as drawing, tracing and presentation graphics. These top quality products offer the highest resolution and accuracy available on the market today along with easy-to-use software and programmable function keys. D A0 and D A00 combine all the advantages of a cursor and a digitizer to eliminate multiple input devices and provide you with a sleek, simplified desktop.


• Configuration vary according to options selected;
• Specifications are subject to change without notice.


• D A0 Working width: 91,44 X 121,92 cm
• D A00 Working width: 111,7 X 152,4 cm
• Cursor: 16 keys
• Resolution: 1-2540LPI
• Power Supply: 110V/220V @50-60HZ
• Power Consumption: 11W
• Interface: RS232, USB
• Maximum Sensing Height: 15 mm

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