Company policy

Company policy

FK Group is an up-to-date industrial company, constantly oriented to new technologies and able to provide the entire productive cycle for Textile companies.

The core business is represented by Apparel industries, even if the percentage of technical segment is progressively growing.

FK Group not only supplies machines, but it is the best technological partner for his customers and interested third parties, with the aim to support during analysis with solutions of any technical problem of their production.

One of the strengths that distinguish FKgroup is the flexibility, the extreme ability to adapt to the most varied and sudden needs, relying on staff knowhow and production ingenuity.

The company sets the ultimate goal of its business to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer and interested parties. The main objective is to achieve and maintain an optimal quality standard of machines, through the implementation of a Quality Management System.

In addition, the company considers the sustainability of its products, together with its high performance, a key factor in the success of FK Group. The desire to promote environmental values and the presence of sensitive customers on this subject, has promoted, in recent years, the development of new techniques able to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.


Corporate Values

  • Entrepreneurship with Direct Commitment of Management in Production Processes
  • Corporate organization to optimize the efficiency of processes in general
  • Constant research of new technologies by developing design and business experience by incorporating and anticipating market trends
  • Strong involvement and empowerment of staff as a key factor of business success
  • Beware of specialization in the technical textile market by constantly improving the product quality and offered service to the whole and all the stakeholders
  • Sustainable Development



The Management undertakes to:


  • ensure that the Quality Management System (understood as organization, responsibility, procedures and resources implemented for company management) is respected and applied to all business levels;
  • Provide adequate resources in terms of means, infrastructures and personnel required for activities linked to the Quality Management System;
  • Periodically review the results of the Quality Management System audits to ensure its adequacy, effectiveness and time efficiency;
  • Determine, understand and meet customer requirements, stakeholder requirements and applicable binding requirements;
  • Determine and address risks and opportunities that may affect the company’s business
  • Achieve results in terms of performance, both for quality and for the environment, and for the processes effectiveness;
  • Apply the PDCA methodology:
    • Plan: plan, set the goals and processes required to achieve results that meet customer requirements and organization policies
    • Do: Implement the processes
    • Check: monitor and measure processes and product by analysing and comparing the results
    • Act: to introduce actions for continuous improvement


The Management

Flavio Cattini    –      Sergio Gori

Dalmine, 01/09/2016

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Now China is reciprocating the help

by donating masks and protective clothing to Bergamo

Solidarity: This initiative is thanks to the Dalmine based FK Group company. It will import and give to a local hospital protections for the health workers employed in the treatments.